Two buses collide in Salem leaving 7 dead, over 30 injured

According to reports, one of the bus drivers had fallen asleep and had made a last minute swerve to avoid a parked mini van.
 Two buses collide in Salem leaving 7 dead, over 30 injured
Two buses collide in Salem leaving 7 dead, over 30 injured
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In a tragic bus accident in Tamil Nadu, two buses collided head on in Salem, killing seven people and injuring over 30 others.

The two buses - one on its way from Bengaluru to Palakkad and the other from Salem to Krishnagiri - collided head on in Mamangam, Salem district of Tamil Nadu in the wee hours of Saturday.

According to initial reports, a minivan ferrying flowers from Salem to Bengaluru was parked on the side of the Salem- Bengaluru National Highway. The Salem- Krishnagiri bus driver allegedly attempted to avoid a last minute collision with the minivan and steered the bus away, crashing into the minivan as well as the private bus travelling from Bengaluru to Palakkad.

As a result of the impact, the bus on its way to Palakkad turned on its side.

Speaking to reporters at the site of the crash, Salem Police Commissioner Shankar said, "The accident occurred when a vehicle travelling from Salem to Krishnagiri crashed into a punctured pickup van, crossed the centre median and crashed into the Bengaluru- Palakkad bus coming on the other side of the road. Seven people have died."

Salem Collector Rohini Bhajibhakare, who also addressed media persons, said, "Revenue officials, police and fire rescue service officials have responded immediately. 31 injured persons have been rescued. 20 of them have been admitted in government hospital and 11 of them have been admitted at a private hospital. All of them are out of danger. They are stable.”

Stating the cause of the accident as per preliminary findings, the Collector said, "The immediate reason is that the driver of the bus which crossed the centre median had fallen asleep two- three times. The passengers have given a statement to this effect."

Ganesh, a passenger on the bus from Salem to Krishnagiri, told media persons, "It was a lack of attention on the part of the driver and his sleepiness that caused the accident. Suddenly he didn't realise that the flower van was there. He took a quick turn after seeing the van. The van also got hit and the bus went over the divider. The omni bus also got hit."


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