The comments were against adoption and the adoption of a child with dark complexion.

The trolls on Sunny Leones photo with adopted child show exactly how prejudiced we areSunny Leone/Facebook
Social Adoption Tuesday, July 25, 2017 - 17:39

Sunny Leone posted a photo on Facebook with her husband Daniel Weber and the little girl they adopted. The family looks happy with Nisha, the newest addition, and Sunny would have posted the picture to share the news with her fans.

A lot of fans congratulated her, but things took an ugly turn when some people proved they just could not go past their prejudice.

If you see the post now, most of the comments are overwhelmingly positive, supportive and congratulatory. But do a little digging in the comments section and it’s not difficult to find people making fun of Nisha’s dark complexion and even slut shaming Sunny.

Take a look at this man’s comments, who took to reiterating multiple times how Sunny should have her own children so she can pass on her ‘beauty’. Some people even suggest that the child should be ‘returned’ because she is dark skinned, and hence, ugly.

Others had a problem because they were never informed by the media of Sunny’s pregnancy.

There were several comments about how Sunny should have her own child and how it would give her the ‘true feeling’ of being a mother. And how, by adopting a child, she was somehow being selfish, because she didn’t want her ‘beauty’ to be ‘ruined’.

Some people could not get over the fact that she is a former porn star and was still ‘allowed’ to adopt. Because apparently, starring in adult films cannot be an informed choice, and is a hereditary profession.

Fortunately however, the outpour of support for Sunny increased all the more after the trolls’ hypocrisy was reported in the media. A number of people have filled the comments section with positive and congratulatory messages, and have slammed the racist and sexist remarks on Sunny’s photo.

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