A survey listed 35 parameters to rate the airports based on a Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Trichy airport rated best non-metro airport in South drops to 6th place in India
news Aviation Tuesday, January 30, 2018 - 10:12

The Trichy International airport secured the first place among Southern non-metro airports in a national level survey conducted between January and June 2017, according to a TOI report 

According to the report, although the airport continues to remain the best in the South, it dropped from the 5th place in the national level to the 6th recently.

The airport secured a score of 4.72 out of a 5-scale index in the Customer Satisfaction Index survey.

The survey listed 35 parameters including overall satisfaction with the airport by passengers, business passengers, leisure passengers. It also included satisfaction with regard to ambience of airport, cleanliness of terminal, washrooms, toilets, comfort of waiting areas, speed of baggage delivery service, customs inspection, courtesy and helpfulness of inspection staff, security staff, restaurant and eating facilities, parking facilities and ground transportation.

The Airport Authority of India (AAI) makes continuous efforts to improve comfort, services and facilities in its airport and that is how Trichy airport secured the top place among the southern non-metro airports, said K Gunasekaran, airport director.

One of the key performance objectives of the AAI, customer satisfaction for airports, is evaluated through a survey conducted by an independent agency commissioner by the AAI, he said. 

"Trichy airport has earned a total of Rs 31 crore as profit before tax, till the third quarter in 2017-18 approximately. The estimated profit in the year 2017-18 after tax may come around Rs 32 crore," he said. 

He also expected to airport to achieved Rs 35 crore or more of profits in the year 2018-19. 

Trichy airport which scored 4.72 in the CSI index came after Raipur (4.88), Udaipur (4.79), Dehradun (4.77), Amritsar (4.75) and Jodhpur (4.73) respectively.