news Friday, June 26, 2015 - 05:30
  1. Reacting to the Madras High Court order that rapist "settle" the issue with the survivor through mediation, the 22-year-old rape survivor based in Cuddalore has refused to marry the man. Stating that she had been threatened after the rape and also pressurised to get an abortion, she said that she had no intention to talk to or marry the man. 2. Despite a Madras High Court order that drew criticism from lawyers and activists, the Tamil Nadu state women’s commission has upheld the court’s decision. Dr Visalakshi Nedunchezian, the chairperson of the commission said that their main aim and objective was to see the union of the "criminal and the affected girl". 3. Justice P Devadass, who had called for mediation in a rape case two days ago, has upheld a ten-year rigorous imprisonment order in another case given to a man convicted for raping a four0year-old girl. Saying that such criminal behaviour did not warrant sympathy, he confirmed the conviction and refused to interfere in the matter. 4. Cab aggregators have been giving massive discounts to commuters. However, considering that waiting time has now been replaced with ride time, the passengers may end up paying more than what was done earlier – and not just during peak hours. 5. All 12 Corporations of the Tamil Nadu government have now been shortlisted for the Smart Cities projection, reported The Hindu. Under the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation programme, 100 cities from different states are to be developed under the project.