The villagers from Udumalaipettai where Gowsalya’s former husband Shankar lived passed the resolution in a local meeting.

TN village disowns anti-caste crusader Gowsalya opposes her activism Facebook/ Gowsi Shankar
news Caste Thursday, December 20, 2018 - 18:46

Villagers of Kumaralingam near Udumalaipettai in Tiruppur district, on Tuesday, passed a resolution disowning anti-caste crusader Gowsalya in a meeting organised in their village. The village was in the news after Shankar, a dalit youth from the village was murdered by family members of his wife Gowsalya, who belonged to a dominant caste.

The resolution stated that they were scared of Gowsalya’s activities in the recent past and sought protection from the police for the village. “Gowsalya’s conduct had changed in the recent days and that she forgot that the people of the village had got their rights from the government after a long fight,” stated the resolution.

Sources who are aware of the happenings in the village told TNM that villagers were upset that Gowsalya had remarried, and this time she had married someone from her own caste.

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Expressing their gratitude to the government of Tamil Nadu for having fulfilled all their demands after Shankar was murdered in broad daylight by Gowsalya’s family members, the villagers added that they were surprised and inspired at the way Gowsalya treated Shankar’s family with utmost respect and affection after the incident.

Accusing her of conducting parai classes in Shankar’s house and causing disturbance in the neighbourhood, the villagers said that their kids are losing interest in their studies due to the parai lessons.

The villagers also accused her of sheltering suspicious outsiders in the village and stated, “Even last week two women came and stayed over at her place. The police came in search of those women in the middle of the night and disturbed us neighbours in the name of questioning. If those who come and stay over are good people, the police would not have come in search of them.” Adding that she was joining hands with parties, organisations and movements which were anti-government and is now criticising the government, the villagers claimed that this activism and constant visits by the police to her house has caused mental agony to them.

Disowning Gowsalya, the villagers questioned her ‘anti-caste crusader’ credential and stated that in spite of the tag, she remarried a man from her own community and all that remained was the loss they suffered.

Adding that a copy of the resolution would be submitted to the police and the government, the villagers requested the police to provide protection.  

However, speaking to TNM on Thursday, Udumalaipettai DSP said that no such letter has been submitted to the police by the villagers. “If we receive a letter, we will decide on the course of action based on the contents of the letter,” he said.

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