The man said that he has been distributing the herbal sweets to COVID-19 patients and their families for the last three months and claimed success.

The 'herbal' Mysore Pak
news Controversy Thursday, July 09, 2020 - 08:43

Barely a day after a man advertised that a herbal Mysore Pak cures COVID-19 in one day, the Coimbatore district authorities have sealed his sweet shop. 

45-year-old Sriram owns and manages eight sweet stalls across Coimbatore city under the name ‘Nellai Lala Sweets’. As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase in Tamil Nadu, his claims of curing the disease with a herbal sweet prepared in his shop went viral in the city and on social media. 

A notice printed and circulated by Sriram and his friends claimed COVID-19 can be cured in a single day with the help of the sweet. Made of a secret concoction of herbs, the Mysore Pak is allegedly based on a recipe that was handed over to him by his ancestors who were Siddha experts. 

“COVID-19 patients get cured in a day, a miracle!!! Yes, this has happened in Chinniyampalayam and Vellalore through herbal mysore pak,” read the notice which is being circulated on social media and in the city. “If you want to take part in a war against corona(virus), a holy war, please inform us if you know of any COVID-19 patients or those with the symptoms as specified by the government. We are ready to deliver our herbal mysore pak at their doorsteps,” the notice stated adding that they are ready to divulge the formula for preparing the Mysore Pak to Prime Minister Modi without any expectations in return. 

“My grandfather was a siddha expert. He used to make a gruel (lehiyam) for the fever. In those days, such fever spreads from one place to another. People with wheezing problems used to suffer a lot. So we wanted to try that formulation in the sweet since we need a specific license for selling it as a lehiyam,” he said. Adding that he and his team have been distributing this to the COVID-19 patients and their symptomatic contacts for the past three months and have seen success in its efficacy, Sriram said that he has also supplied it to around 50 diabetic patients without any side effects being reported. 

The notice further said that the team is ready to hand over the formulation for the Mysore Pak to the PM without any expectations in return. “We just have one demand. The Union government must make this a product and sell this to other countries, thus bringing in foreign exchange to our country. This will help us become a superpower country like our former President APJ Abdul Kalam dreamt of,” he explained. 

When pointed out that publishing any kind of information on COVID-19 on social media without due permission of the government is banned under The Epidemic Diseases Act, Sriram said, “When striving towards saving humanity, rules don’t apply. For example, though all vehicles are supposed to stop at red signals at traffic junctions, it doesn’t apply to ambulances that are rushing to save human lives. I see my work on that level.”

Based on a tip-off, the officials from the health department and food safety department inspected the shop on Wednesday. When TNM contacted Dhanam, the District Siddha Medical Officer, she said that the shop in Chinniyampalayam, where Sriram was manufacturing the sweet has been sealed and all the raw materials and finished products have been seized by the authorities concerned. 

“We will be sending samples of whatever has been seized to the government testing labs in Chennai. Based on the results, we will decide on the course of action. Meanwhile, we have submitted a report to the District Collector also about the issue. He will decide on the action to be taken against Sriram,” she added.