COVID-19 patients follow a special diet designed by nutritionists to help the body fight the virus effectively, and hence the food order was returned.

TN patients try to sneak in chicken biriyani into COVID ward delivery sent backImage for Representation
Coronavirus Coronavirus Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 10:08
Written by  IANS

Not satisfied with the diet they were made to follow by their doctors, four COVID-19 patients at the Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College and Hospital, Salem, placed an online order for tandoori chicken and biryani on Tuesday.

"They had ordered tandoori chicken and biryani through their mobile phone on an online food delivery platform. The matter came to light when the delivery person came to the hospital," R. Balajinathan, Dean, told IANS.

But even as he followed the homing signal on his phone to the COVID-19 ward, security personnel and doctors on duty didn't allow the delivery person to enter the ward.

While the food delivery executive was sent back, the incident highlights the kind of issues the frontline workers have to face apart from coronavirus, and also being away from their families for several weeks together.

"The COVID-19 patients are given a special diet, as prescribed by the government. It includes juice and fruits. Egg is the only non-vegetarian item that is served," Balajinathan said.

According to him, there are 88 people admitted in the COVID-19 ward and all of them are in good condition and are asymptomatic. Many were demanding to be sent back home, he said and added, it could be done as per the procedures.

This hankering for biryani is, however, not new, with a patient in a Coimbatore COVID-19 ward actually breaking window panes in the hospital last month after he was denied the food. He had reportedly asked his wife to cook chicken biryani for him but the hospital denied permission for her to give it to him. 

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