Rajakrishnan owns a heavy vehicle license from driving a lorry in his early days, and was assessing the situation due to the strike, when he decided to take the wheel.

This TN MLA decided to drive a bus to help out 70 stranded passengers in ErodeScreenshot: Twitter
news Human Interest Sunday, January 07, 2018 - 11:40

Even as Tamil Nadu was plunged into a mobility limbo following the state-wide strike by the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation drivers, demanding a wage hike, one moment brought smiles to the people in Erode. MLA KR Rajakrishnan drove from Andhiyur to Bhavani, helping drop off 70 commuters to their destinations.

The MLA, who owns a heavy vehicle license from driving a lorry during his early days, arrived at the Andhiyur bus terminus to assess the situation. However, upon seeing the plight of the stranded passengers, he decided to ferry them himself.

According to one report, the transport officials asked MLA Rajakrishnan to do a test drive. Convinced that he could handle the bus, they let him take on passengers.

The passengers were pleasantly surprised to see the MLA of their constituency take the wheel.

After dropping off the passengers at Bhavani, he asked the passengers waiting to go to Andhiyur to board the bus, providing a full round trip service.

However, the episode did not go down too well with the striking unions who protested against MLA Rajakrishnan undercutting their demands for a wage hike.

Even as auto rickshaw drivers charged three time the regular fare on Friday, a few private bus services came to the rescue of stranded commuters and provided free rides.

While the Madras HC had directed the workers to resume work or face consequences, a section of the striking employees did not return to work on Saturday, claiming that they had not received copies of the court's judgement.