TN govt to launch 'Engum Ariviyal', a monthly Tamil science mag for students
TN govt to launch 'Engum Ariviyal', a monthly Tamil science mag for students

TN govt to launch 'Engum Ariviyal', a monthly Tamil science mag for students

The magazine will have content created by students and professors on science and related topics.

The government of Tamil Nadu will soon launch a magazine exclusively with content related to science. The magazine, Engum Ariviyal (Science is everywhere, in Tamil), will have articles, tidbits, and other content related to science.

Speaking about the initiative, an officer at the Science City Chennai told TNM that the motive was to encourage students to look for science behind every claim that they grew up hearing in their families. “They would have heard and lived with a lot of stories since childhood from their parents, grandparents and all. We wanted to encourage them to see the science behind all those and write about it,” the officer said, adding that the opportunity of seeing their name in print would encourage the students to write more about it.

The Science City Chennai has been at this endeavour since last year, says the officer. “We first wrote to Tamil Nadu Council for Science and Technology and the Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre asking if they already have any magazine that caters to science interest among the students. When they replied ‘No’, we set the ball rolling by writing to the school education department and higher education department to call for contributions from students in Tamil. We got an excellent response and a lot of content, which reflected the interest among the student community for this project,” the officer adds.

While the government of Tamil Nadu is gradually pushing to introduce English medium in government and government-aided schools in the state, the Science City’s decision to publish the magazine in Tamil was taken by U Sagayam, the Vice Chairman of Science City.

“Sagayam sir emphasises more on mother tongue based education for students since it develops critical thinking and scientific aptitude among children. Developed countries give a lot of importance to education in mother tongue, which helps in the development of the students. Hence we stuck to bringing out the magazine in Tamil,” the officer says. Students will be asked to submit their articles and writings in their school, which will then be sent to Science City.

The first such magazine will be published later this month and will have 56 pages in it. “We have enough content for three months now. We will call for more contributions after that,” the officer says. In the future, the magazine will also publish information about science-related events and opportunities for students. It will be sent to all the educational institutions in Tamil Nadu and is likely to be free of cost for government institutions.

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