A statement issued by the Raj Bhavan said that the Television channels must broadcast reports after due verification.

TN Governors Swachh visit turns ugly Family says visitors barged in on woman taking bath
news Allegations Saturday, December 16, 2017 - 10:08

After Tamil channels broke news that TN Governor Banwarilal Purohit along with policemen barged into a toilet where a woman was taking a bath in Cuddalore during an official visit on Friday, the Governor’s office has called the news reports “malicious and incorrect” and stated that he entered the toilet only after it was made sure that it was empty.

The alleged incident happened during the Governor’s recent visit to Cuddalore, where he was inspecting toilets which were built under the Swachh Bharat program.

The mother of the woman told news channels, “Police personnel came inside, my daughter quickly put on clothes and went inside. Governor and collector all came and saw it. My daughter was taking a bath when the police came in, then she put on clothes and went inside,” she said. 

Another woman from the neighbourhood backed the allegations. “A girl was taking a bath here, Governor and others came without knowing that she was taking a bath. The girl wore clothes and went inside. We do not have toilet facility that is why we have made this, they should build us toilets. How can we afford to build one? They should help us,” said Kala.

A statement issued by the Raj Bhavan said that the Television channels must broadcast reports after due verification. “The report appearing in some T.V. Channels is malicious, scurrilous, mischievous, improper and incorrect. The district administration has also issued a Press Release in this regard. Any news about Raj Bhavan in future should be reported after due verification and not in an irresponsible manner,” said the statement.

Speaking about the incident, the statement read, “There is a malicious and scurrilous report appearing with regard to an incident reported from Cuddalore District on the matter of the Collector and other officials accompanying the Hon’ble Governor to a location for seeing toilets built under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan programme. It is clarified and emphasized that the toilet constructed under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan programme was in the house of one Tmt. Gowri.”

They stated that he reached the spot after it was made sure that the toilet was empty. “The Hon’ble Governor proceeded to the house behind a Lady District Revenue Officer and the District Collector who had made all the arrangements. After making sure that the toilet which had been constructed was empty, the Collector followed the Lady DRO to the spot and then he was followed by the Hon’ble Governor.”


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