The AMK has prepared a charter of demands and is seeking government intervention in protecting Brahminical traditions and culture.

TN Brahmin party seeks reservations protection from love jihad ahead of pollsRhariram via Wikimedia Commons
news TN 2016 Thursday, April 14, 2016 - 08:58

A section of Brahmins in Tamil Nadu is now pushing for reservation in government jobs and educational institutes. A few members of the BJP along with the Anthanar Munnetra Kazhagam say a 15,000 people from the community are backing this move. The logic – Brahmins constitute less than 4% of the population and are being discriminated against for the sins of their fathers and forefathers, according to the AMK. 

At its convention in Chennai, AMK demanded 3% reservations for Brahmins in government jobs and educational institutes, protection from harassment and ridicule that Brahmins are often subjected to especially in Tamil movies.

S Ve Sekher, an ex MLA from the Mylapore constituency said it was simply a move to provide equal opportunity. “The idea of ‘Brahmin vs Non Brahmin that has been propagated is simply poisonous. To be born a poor Brahmin is the real struggle,” he says. In the backdrop of the many lower caste communities struggling due to caste discrimination, the request, he believes, doesn’t come at a bad time. 

“We are the disenfranchised just as much, let’s be realistic. When a Brahmin boy gets 99% in the entrance exams, it still isn’t enough. Somewhere we need to also look at this on economic terms. Merit is just as important.” 

Shekher said members of the community will continue to suffer unless economic status was also under consideration.

“There are over 40 lakh Brahmins in Tamil Nadu. It is the government's duty to give equal opportunities to everyone. Brahmins have been eliminated, insulted and sidelined in so many ways. You cannot punish people for what happened over 50-60 years ago.”

The AMK has prepared a charter of demands and is seeking government intervention in protecting Brahminical traditions and culture.

Apart from reservation, the party has also demanded a minimum salary of Rs. 10,000 per month for priests working in temples and the creation of a temple welfare board to look after the interests of temple employees.

“We also think just as there is love jihad, Dalit men are luring Brahmin women,” says S Jayaprakash Iyer, AMK head.

He also believes the AIADMK of all Dravidian parties had piped down in terms of their anti-Brahminical stance. “We are sure we will not get the support of the Dravidian parties. But even BJP has not responded to us.”

Previously, S Ve Shekher had submitted a memorandum to DMK Chief M Karunanidhi, who was then Chief Minister, asking for seven per cent reservation for the Brahmin community. K. Ramasubramanian, a senior representative of the AIADMK from Coimbatore, had also earlier appealed to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa to give 10 per cent reservation to Brahmins in education and employment.


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