“A political change is imminent and extremely necessary now. If not now, never,” the actor said in Chennai.

‘Time to change the fate of Tamil Nadu’ : Rajinikanth after announcing his partyFile image/PTI
news Politics Thursday, December 03, 2020 - 14:00

Actor turned politician Rajinikanth on Thursday, announced from his Poes Garden residence in Chennai that he was ready to begin his political party and that he was confident of victory in the upcoming Assembly Elections in Tamil Nadu. The actor stated that the time had come to change the fate of Tamil Nadu and usher in change.

“I am ready to give my life to the Tamil people. I will never falter on this. A political change is imminent and extremely necessary now. If not now, never. We should change, change everything. After I enter politics, if I win or lose, all of it belongs to the people. With folded hands I request with folded hands, those who have made my livelihood here, to stand by me,” said Rajinikanth. 

“Party work is humungous. It must be done. It has already started. Tamilaruvi Manian has been appointed as supervisor (or manager). He has supported me since I said I will enter politics. I have the confidence that I will win. Everybody has a fate, similarly every state/country has a fate. The time for TN's fate to change has come,” he added.

Gandhi Makkal Iyakkam leader Tamilaruvi Manian who has been appointed as the supervisor of the party said, “In Tamil Nadu where hatred politics is deep-rooted, he (Rajinikanth) will start spiritual politics which is all about love. If people of Tamil Nadu need a great administration, Rajini is there. Today is the real Deepavali for those who have faith that he will bring massive change in the political scene,” he added.

Rajinikanth further explained why there was a delay in the announcement of the party.

“I had said that there needs to be an uprising among people and only after that there can be politics. I wanted to tour the whole of Tamil Nadu but corona (virus) put a stop to it. Due to my health situation doctors also advised me against touring Tamil Nadu and talking to people in person,” he said at the press conference.

The actor had announced in December 2017 that he will take a plunge into politics, following which he continued discussions to understand the prospects of such a party.

Ra Arjunamurthy, who was the Tamil Nadu State President of BJP Intellectual Cell, was standing with the actor at the press conference and has been appointed as chief coordinator. He stated that they were ready with the necessary tools to bring about political change in the state.