Three out of 60 centenarian patients have succumbed to COVID-19 in Karnataka

Except the 100+ age group, mortality is seen to increase gradually with seniority.
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All but three out of 60 centenarians who had COVID-19 in Karnataka till Friday survived the disease. A comparison of mortality rates shows that the 5% mortality rate in the 100+ age group is lower than the mortality rate of other 60+ age groups among coronavirus patients since the onset of COVID-19 in the state.

Mortality rate is the number of deaths for every 100 cases. The average mortality rate of all 60+ age infected patients is at 5.3%. The average mortality rate of all age groups for the state is at 1.3%.

While those in the 60+ age group are considered more vulnerable to COVID-19, the lower mortality rate of the senior-most age group comes as a surprise even for doctors. Incidentally, except for the 100+ group, the mortality rate increases gradually with seniority across age groups.

According to data tabled by the state COVID-19 War Room, the 90-99 age group has 11.5% fatality rate, which is highest among all age groups. This is followed by the 80-89 years group with a fatality rate of 9.1%. The 70-79 age group has a fatality rate of 9.1%, and the 60-69 group has a 4% fatality rate.

According to the War Room report, while the number of patients in the 100+ age group is 60, the number of COVID-19 patients in the state of the previous age groups is much higher. The number of patients of age group 60-69 is 88,055; 70-79 is 39,818; 80-89 is 11,008; 90-99 is 1,292.

The mortality rate of the below 60 age group was also found to lower with decreasing age. For the age group 51-60, the mortality rate is 2.4%, and it is 1% for those in the 41-50 age group. Further, the mortality rate dropped to 0.4% among 31 to 40-year-olds and 0.1% in the 0 to 21 age group.

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