CM KCR's assurance of constructing a new temple and a mosque inside the secretariat premises came after religious leaders and the BJP threatened to protest.

Long view of Telangana Secretariat
news Controversial Friday, July 10, 2020 - 15:30

A day after a temple and two mosques were damaged during the secretariat demolition, CM KCR expressed regret and conveyed that it should not have happened. He has assured religious leaders that a new temple and a mosque would be constructed by the government at a more spacious site. This announcement comes a day after religious leaders from the Muslim community, including Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi, and the BJP, threatened to protest against the state government.

A press release from the Chief Minister’s Office, read, “Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao has expressed his regret and pain over some inconvenience caused to the Temple and Mosque in the Secretariat premises due to the demolition works taking place there. The CM declared that in the new Secretariat premises itself, a new temple and Mosque would be constructed in a more spacious site, at the government’s cost.”

The press release mentioned that the CM said, “The government has begun to construct a new Secretariat Building Complex by demolishing the old buildings. I came to know that, while demolishing the multi-storied old buildings, the temple and mosque adjacent to the old buildings were damaged, due to the debris that fell on them. I felt sorry about the incident. It should not have happened. The government’s intention is to build a new complex by demolishing the old buildings without causing any damage to the temple or the mosque.”

The CM also mentioned that he would call for a meeting with religious heads soon, to discuss the matter. “We will construct a temple and Mosque in the Secretariat premises in a more spacious way even if it means spending crores of rupees. We will construct the temple and Mosque at the expense of the government and hand them over to the people concerned. I will have a meeting with the Temple and Mosque organisers on this matter very soon. After discussing with them, along with the new Secretariat, places of worship will also be constructed and handed over to the concerned. This is my promise,” the CM declared.

Emphasising about the secular fabric of the state, the CM said, “Telangana State is a secular State. We will continue the secular spirit come what may. This incident happened unexpectedly. Everyone should understand this properly without prejudice.”

Owaisi, whose AIMIM is a friendly party of the ruling TRS, and other leaders from the community had warned that if the government failed to take steps for reconstruction of the mosques at the same place, without any delay, Muslims would be forced to launch a strong protest.

Angered by the damage, the BJP had also warned CM KCR of serious consequences and called it an insult to the pious sentiments of Hindus. 

K Krishna Saagar Rao, Chief Spokesperson of the BJP said, “BJP warns KCR government of serious consequences and backlash from Hindus across the state of Telangana for demolishing a Hindu Temple in the state secretariat complex. Destroying a temple is a blasphemy. The KCR government has undertaken an insulting and insinuating act of demolishing Hindu's religious place of worship unilaterally. KCR government has considered neither the sanctity of the temple, emotions of those who pray there nor the sentiments of the Hindus in the state. BJP considers this brazen and mindless demolition as an insult to the pious sentiments of Hindus.”  

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