Tejasvi brags about paying food bill ‘unlike DMK,’ Annapoorna restaurant corrects him

Sree Annapoorna restaurant in Coimbatore set the record straight with a polite response.
BJP's Tejasvi Surya paying bill at Sree Annapoorna restaurant in Coimbatore
BJP's Tejasvi Surya paying bill at Sree Annapoorna restaurant in Coimbatore
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Among the list of BJP leaders who have been campaigning in Coimbatore South for candidate Vanathi Srinivasan is BJP youth wing president and Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya. On April 2, Surya who campaigned in Coimbatore, tweeted that he had dined at popular restaurant chain Sree Annapoorna in Coimbatore where he had to “insist upon paying” for his breakfast.

Taking a dig at the DMK party, he wrote, “Today after breakfast at a restaurant, I naturally went to pay. Cashier hesitated to accept money. With great hesitation he accepted after insistence. I told him that we are from BJP. A party that respects all and protects all. Not DMK to do roll-call even from small businesses.” There have been reports of DMK cadres damaging restaurants and roughing up persons for asking to pay their bill.

Later, Surya had also made it a part of his speech, stressing upon the fact that he  came forward to pay his bill.

However, the restaurant politely set the record straight by responding that “no one has forced” them for anything free and that the restaurant sometimes refrains from taking money from those who “work for the society”.

“Dear Tejasvi Surya, we are glad to have served  you at our restaurant. At Annapoorna we greet everyone with the same love and gratitude, in fact everyone comes forward to pay their bills. No one has forced us for anything free. As a token of  love and respect we sometimes refrain from taking money from people who work for our society,” the restaurant’s Facebook post reads.

This exchange has got many appreciating Annapoorna’s response on social media. 

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