At a function in Chennai on Wednesday, the Kanchipuram seer was seen sitting with his eyes closed as if in meditation when the Tamil Thai Vazthu was played.

Tamizh Thai Vazthu row PMKs Ramadoss demands apology from Junior SankaracharyaNews 18 screenshot
news Controversy Thursday, January 25, 2018 - 08:25

PMK founder S Ramadoss condemned Kanchipuram Sankara Mutt's Junior Sankaracharya Sankara Vijayendra Sarasvati for not standing up when the "Tamizh Thai Vazthu" or song in praise of Mother Tamil was sung at a function in Chennai on Wednesday.

In a statement issued in Chennai, Ramadoss said the Tamizh Thai Vazthu is Tamils' "national anthem" and is sung at all government/education and functions in which state Governor and Chief Minister participates.

At the Tamil-Sanskrit dictionary release function held in Chennai, the Kanchipuram Sankara Mutt's Junior Pontiff was seen sitting with his eyes closed as if in meditation when the Tamil Thai Vazthu was played.

However, when the National Anthem was played, he stood up, resulting in a controversy that he had insulted the Tamil language.

Those in attendance at the event included TN Governor Banwarilal Purohit, who can be seen standing along with H Raja, popular Tamil orator and actor Professor Solomon Pappiah, and other dignitaries as the Tamil Thai Vazhthu played.

It is compulsory to play the Tamil Thai Vazhthu at the beginning of every state function and the custom in Tamil Nadu is for people present to stand for the invocation, whether they are on or off stage.

The dictionary, compiled by BJP's National Secretary H Raja's father, the late S Hariharan, was released by Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit.

Ramadoss demanded Sarasvati express regret for his behaviour at Wednesday's function.

Several other outfits have also criticised the Sankara Mutt's Junior Sankaracharya.

On Wednesday, angry Tamils from across the world hit out at the Kanchipuram godman for insulting the Tamil anthem.

Many shared pictures of Vijayendra standing for the national anthem, but sitting through the Tamil anthem, with several quick to use the hashtag Tamil_insulted. 

“Everybody knows that these guys are the enemy of Tamil and Tamilians. Only a few slaves who don’t understand this are putting them on a pedestal,” one user said.

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