Top-5 stories from Tamil Nadu

 Tamil Nadu government bans two books by SC authorsImage: Facebook/ Tamil Nadu Government Servants Association
news Thursday, August 27, 2015 - 08:30

1. Student protests have resulted in the suspension of classes for the department of politics and public administration of Madras University. The students were protesting the alleged demotion of Ramu Manivannan, a university professor for supporting students who had participated in the anti-liquor strike.

2. The TN government has announced that it will construct a memorial in Chennai in memory of Sivaji Ganesan. The announcement was made in the Assembly by CM Jayalalithaa after reports that the film artists association had made no progress regarding the same.

3. The Madras HC has directed that political parties have a responsibility in ensuring that public spaces are not defaced.  It then instructed the TN government to collect costs for defacement from the parties responsible.

4. Two books written by members of the Scheduled Caste community have been banned by the TN government on the basis that it could create enmity between different communities. One of the two books was published two years back, reported T Muruganandham of New Indian Express.

5. How can the practice of drinking in and near IMFL shops be discouraged? This is the question that the Madras HC has given TASMAC four weeks to give a response as to how and what steps were being taken to dissuade drinkers from drinking near shops, which are only present for sale of liquor.

6. To ensure public has a better understanding of consumer laws and rights, the TN government is soon to launch a mobile app that will provide information on packed food stuff. The app will also help consumers tackle their grievances by discussing the same with officials.