news Saturday, April 18, 2015 - 05:30
It’s not only Keralaites who are leaving "God’s own country" for greener pastures abroad, primarily in the Gulf. If recent pilot studies are to believed, the trend seems to be picking up even in neighbouring state Tamil Nadu. In a sample survey of 9000 households it was found that atleast one in every 20 househods across the state had atleast one family member working abroad as migrant workers in South East Asian or Arab countries, reported Times of India. The sample study conducted by the Centre for Development Studies(CDS)  in Thiruvananthapuram  along with two other institutes,  Loyola Institute of Social Science Training and Research, and Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Sriperumbudur revealed that mostly destinations like Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Doha, Muscat , UAE and USA topped the list of places that migrant workers preferred, said the report. This however is far lesser compared to Kerala’s emigration statistics. According to a 2014 survey by the Research Unit on International Migration at the Centre for Development Studies , it was found that the 23.63 lakh Keralites had emigrated in 2014. According to the studies which was the sixth in series of migration studies by CDS , Kerala has seen a steep increase in emigration  as 22.81 lakh people moved out in 2011, 21.93 lakh in 2008, 18.38 lakh in 2003 and 13.62 lakh in 1998.  The main reason for moving to foreign countries however continues to remain over better remuneration .