A five-member committee from Anna University conducted inquiries with the students

Students from Sri Sai Ram College allege they were attacked by goonsImage: File picture from the protest near Anna University
news Tuesday, October 06, 2015 - 09:23

A week after the protests, and being giving transfer certificates, students now allege that 10 of them from the Sri Sai Ram College of Engineering college were attacked by local goons near the campus on Inner Ring Road for protesting against the regressive rules of the college.

Apparently, the protesters tried to stop a college bus which was entering the campus as they wanted them to join the protest.

A five-member committee from Anna University conducted inquiries with the students after allegations against campus manager Balu and floor supervisors.

According to The New Indian Express report, one of the students said, “Reliable sources within the college management informed us that the 36 detained students will not be allowed to meet the committee members. To protest against this, four of us blocked buses in front of the college. ”

The student also alleged that they were attacked by local goons in front of the police and stone pelted on them.

The students informed that when they attended the practical exams on Monday their professors told them that the students who are protesting are not part of the college but external forces who are trying to misled them by protests.

The news about the stringent rules and regulations of Sri Sai Ram Engineering College spread after a circular called “Big No’s for girls” went viral on the social media. The circular contained 22 rules about the dress code for girls and various rules like not talking to boys or banning any kind of celebrations in the campus. The college had denied that any circular was issued and said that such rules were not followed in the college. Later, it led to protests by the Sri Sai Ram College students near Anna University.

A video was also released online by five boys who claimed to be alumni of the college and talked about various instances in which they were insulted and even beaten-up for violation of dress code.