"Our army will be there in the next state assembly elections."

 Spiritual Superstar political war cry Full text of Rajinikanths speech
news Politics Sunday, December 31, 2017 - 11:27

On Sunday morning, actor Rajinikanth made the dramatic announcement of his entry into politics. Here is the full text of his speech.


To those of you who are giving me life, people of Tamil Nadu, friends in the media, those who are watching me on TV, my love and wishes to you.

First, I don't know how to praise my fans. For the past six days, all of you have been disciplined, without disturbing anyone. This discipline is enough, we can achieve anything.

(Thanks fans, organisers, neighbours, media and police officials for their cooperation during his fan meet.)

There has been too much hype, no? (laughs) (applause)

I did not hype it up, it happened on its own.

I am not scared of entering politics, I am scared of the media.

Even big shots tremble with fear while facing the media, but I am still a baby, imagine how it is for me? Whenever I enter or leave my home, they shove their mics and ask me questions. If I say anything, it becomes a debate. Day before yesterday, one reporter stuck a mic and asked, “Sir, what are your policies?”

Policies? (laughs) My head spun for two minutes. Please leave me, I am small fry. Cho has scared me about the media long back. He told me that you have to be very careful with the media, he told me as a media-person himself. I miss Cho at this moment. If he was near me now, it would have felt like having the strength of 10 elephants with me. His soul will always be with me.

Now, I will come to the point.

“Karmanye Vaadhika-raste, Maa Phaleshu Kadachana,” Krishna told Arjuna in Kurukshetra (Mahabharata). “You do your duty, I will take care of the rest. Go to war, if you win you will rule. If you die, you will die a hero.”

If you don’t go to war, they will call you a coward.

I have already finished everything. I just have to shoot the arrow.

My entry into politics is certain. (“Naa Arasiyal-ku Varuvadhu Urudhi.)

(Wild, extended applause)

This is the compulsion of the times.

In the upcoming state assembly polls, I will start my own political party, and contest in all the 234 constituencies in Tamil Nadu.  

Before that, the local body elections will be held. But there isn’t enough time, so we will not contest in that. As for Parliamentary elections, I will decide when the time comes.

I am not entering politics for money or fame. You have given that to me beyond my dreams, a 1000 times over.

If I wanted political status, I could have taken the throne in 1996 itself. I refused  it, saying I don’t want it. When I did not desire power at 45, do you think I would when I am 65? If I did, am I not a mad man. Will I be eligible to call myself a spiritual person?

So, if not for political power, then what else?

Politics has become very rotten. Democracy has decayed.  

The political events of Tamil Nadu in the past year has made every person in Tamil Nadu hang their head in shame. People from every other state are laughing at us.

At this point, if I don’t take decisive action, the guilt that I did not even attempt to do something good in a democratic manner for the people who have given me life, will haunt me till my death.

It has to be changed, everything has to be changed. The time for political change has come. System has to be changed. We need a truthful, honest, principled, transparent politics, not influenced by caste or religion, we need a spiritual politics. That is my goal, my desire and my aim.

I cannot do it alone. All Tamil people have to come together and support me.

I know this is not easy, to contest elections and win. It s like diving into the deep seas for pearls.

Only if we have the grace of God, the love, trust, respect and support of people, can we achieve this. I am fully confident that we will get the grace of God and the support of people.

In olden days, when Kings go to war and win, they plunder the coffers of the enemy. The commanders and soldiers will loot the people. Today, in the name of democracy people are being looted by politicians. They come to power and cheat people in several ways. Kings used to plunder foreign countries, here our politicians plunder our own country.

This has to be changed, it has to be changed democratically.

The party worker is the most important part of any party. It is the party worker who becomes an MLA or MP or CM. But I won’t call them party workers. I don’t want party workers, I want protectors. I want protectors who ensure that if we come to power, the people get what they are entitled to. I want protectors who do not go to MLA, MPs or officers out of self-interest. I want protectors who hold party workers, leaders and officers accountable, when we come to power.

I will be the people’s representative who will keep the protectors in check. I will be the representative of the people, who will select the right person for the right position at the right time. We need an army or protectors for this, and we need to create it.

I have several thousand fan clubs, in village and cities all across the state. The unregistered ones are twice as many. We need to get the unregistered clubs registered, and unite them all together. This is an important task, and our first task.

This is not cinema, this is politics. It is not enough if we change, we need to bring others on board, including youngsters, women and children. Every corner of the state should have our club. This is our first task. Then we have to prepare for the democratic challenge with discipline and decorum.

Till then, let’s not talk politics, this includes me. Don’t criticise other political leaders and parties until then. Don’t get into political activism. There are others who are there for that. There are already people in the political pond, and they have to swim otherwise they will drown. We know how to swim, but let’s not swim on the ground. When we get into the pond, we will swim.

We will prepare our army, and right before the state elections, we will launch the party, tell the people our plan of action, tell them what we can do and what we can’t, and if we cannot do what we promised, we will resign within 3 years.

Truth, hard work and progress is our motto. My principle is to think good, speak good, do good, and good things will happen.

Our army will be there in the next state assembly elections.

Long Live Tamil Nadu, may Tamil people progress. 

Jai Hind.