Siddaramaiah says BJP pitted Rohini Sindhuri and Shilpa Nag against each other

Siddaramaiah also questioned why the IAS officers were only transferred out of their posts in the Mysuru Corporation, and did not face punitive action.
Siddaramaiah accused Yediyurappa led BJP government of pitting IAS officers against each other
Siddaramaiah accused Yediyurappa led BJP government of pitting IAS officers against each other
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Former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, in a series of tweets against the BJP, accused the party of being directly responsible for the fight between former Mysuru City Corporation Commissioner Shilpa Nag and Mysuru Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri Dasari, which resulted in both of them being transferred out of the district administration. Accusing BJP MLAs, MP Prathap Simha and JD(S)’s SaRa Mahesh of playing politics in the issue, Siddaramaiah accused CM Yediyurappa of being a weak leader.

“Elected representatives of BJP and JD(S) SaRa Mahesh are responsible for the fight between IAS officers in Mysuru. Prathap Simha was first supporting Rohini Sindhuri and now is standing by Shilpa Nag. He pitted them against one another,” a tweet from Siddaramaiah’s official Twitter handle read. He further questioned the government on why the fight was allowed to continue with no action taken. “Who allowed the officers to hold press conferences? They cannot do so without permission. It is not enough to just transfer them, action should be taken against them for violation of rules,” he accused.

After the two officers engaged in a public spat, the Karnataka government transferred  Sindhuri to the post of Commissioner for Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments, while Shilpa Nag was appointed as Director for E-governance, Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department. Siddaramaiah questioned the transfer without any punitive action against the two officers. 

“Rohini Sindhuri has said that she has been transferred because of a land encroachment scam. What scam is that? Who are the politicians involved in it? Which officers have they tried to use for that? There should be a detailed investigation on all this. BJP MP legislators tried to get Shilpa Nag to be the District Collector and when that failed they pitted both officers against each other,” Siddaramaiah said.

Sharpening the attack against the Yediyurappa-led government, the Leader of Opposition alleged that the officers would not have behaved irresponsibly if there was a “stable” government in place. He also commented on the BJP’s internal politics, alleging that the party thinks it may wash its hands of its inefficiency by replacing BS Yediyurappa. He further added that Yediyurappa is the BP’s “unwanted child”, and that the high command is ready to replace him.  

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