The woman said people’s support has given her the confidence to file a complaint against the BJP leader and former Karnataka minister.

Karnataka BJP leader and former Karnataka Minister Ramesh JarkiholiRamesh Jarkiholi
news Controversy Friday, March 26, 2021 - 15:02

The woman seen in the ‘sex tape’ with BJP leader Ramesh Jarkiholi has purportedly released a new video saying that she will file a police complaint against him. In the video, the woman is heard thanking people, leaders of political parties, and organisations, saying that their support has given her the courage to file an official complaint against the BJP leader.

“Because of all the blessings and support of mothers and fathers of Karnataka, I have got some strength and confidence. For 24 days, I lived in fear for my life. Because of this support, I’m registering a complaint against Ramesh Jarkiholi through my lawyer Jagadish,” the woman is heard saying in the video.

This is the third time that the woman, who has levelled allegations of sexual harassment against former Karnataka Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, has released a video. In the second video she released a few days ago, the woman had said that she will appear before the Special Investigation Team that is probing the case once the police ensure safety for her parents. She also said that despite this she remains hopeful to get justice.

Ramesh Jarkiholi had resigned as minister earlier this month after videos of him engaging in sexual acts were aired by regional TV news channels in the state. A detailed complaint, accusing him of indulging in “sex for favours” was filed by an activist, but there has been no FIR against the BJP leader. Instead, Jarkiholi filed a counter-complaint alleging extortion, following which an SIT led by a senior IPS officer was formed to probe the origins of the video leak.

In the first video she released, the woman was heard desperately seeking protection for her parents. At that time she had said, "I don’t know how and what they did with the video. Since the release of this video, my modesty has been outraged while my family’s reputation is gone forever.”

Earlier this week, the Congress approached the Enforcement Directorate to file a complaint against Jarkiholi. In the complaint, the Congress alleged that crores of rupees were exchanged in connection with the CD that was eventually leaked to the media. The complaint asked the Enforcement Directorate to investigate claims that Rs 5 crore, Rs 20 crore and Rs 100 crore were exchanged in connection with the CD in question.

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