Apollo hospitals allegedly wanted security for their branches in the state before the death was declared.

Sasikalas brother Dhivakaran reveals Jaya died one day before official declaration
news Jayalalithaa death Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 19:08

The mystery surrounding former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s death is likely to further intensify. This after her aide VK Sasikala's brother Dhivakaran on Wednesday said that the former Chief Minister had passed away on December 4, 2016. The announcement of her death was allegedly delayed by a day, on the insistence of Apollo Hospital, where she was receiving treatment until her demise.

Speaking in Mannargudi, Dhivakaran said, " On the day Amma died I left from here. I left on the night of 4th itself. Amma died correctly on 4th evening at 5: 15 pm after suffering a massive heart attack. After that she was kept on a machine at Apollo. I asked them…I shouted 'Why have you kept her like that?' Then Reddy said, 'Our branches'- Apollo has many branches in Tamil Nadu- 'first you have to ensure their safety.' That man said, then only we will declare."

Jayalaithaa's death was declared to the general public and media on the night of December 5, 2016. Following this the AIADMK, hurriedly swore in O Panneerselvam as the Chief Minister of the state. 

Dhivakaran further added, "There was an eagle sitting there from the Central government. It wanted to get the Chief Minister post and go. Is it a hen's egg to pick it up and give? I shouldn't say the name(of the person). He has gone to a senior post so I should not reveal the name. I will be criticised."

An inquiry commission led by retired judge Arumugasamy is presently investigating Jayalalithaa's death. Recently, a disqualified MLA from TTV Dhinakaran's faction had released a video ahead of the RK Nagar bye polls. It purportedly showed the former Chief Minister sitting on a bed in Apollo Hospital and sipping on juice as she watched television. 

The video was released to show that Jayalalithaa was indeed alive and was even recovering during the 75 days that she stayed in the Apollo Hospital. The clip was allegedly passed on from VK Sasikala to her nephew TTV Dhinakaran who forwarded it to former MLA Vetrivel.

Vetrivel claimed he was releasing the video without Sasikala or Dhinakaran's knowledge in order to put an end to 'vicious rumours about Chinamma's role in Amma's death'.