Wait till you see the sheer inventiveness of clothes-makers this festive season

Sarees in vogue this Diwali From ones with your face weaved to glow-in-dark
news Thursday, October 29, 2015 - 11:00
Written by  Pheba Mathew

Diwali is around the corner and firecracker innovations are passé. Wait till you see the sheer inventiveness of clothes-makers this festive season. Unfortunately, nobody quite applies creativity for men’s clothes but Chennai’s shops in T-Nagar have gone all out this year and yes, there’s something for the men too.

The first one on the list is the glow-in-dark saree. So as you burst crackers, your saree will also glow.

Video courtesy: Puthiya Thalaimurai

Face weaving saree

For those who do not want their loved ones faces permanently on their person, stores in Chennai have come up with a simple idea with stunning effects – tell them three months in advance, and they will weave the image of your loved ones on beautiful silk saris.

You could go to Chennai Silks and give them a photograph of your loved one and 45 days later, voila! A popular trend is to get the image of your favourite deity on your sari.

Just so you know, this weaving is not machine-done. It is patiently, painstakingly hand-woven with gorgeous results. Of course, hand-woven garments rarely come cheap, and these saris are nowhere close to cheap. Prices range between Rs 35,000 and Rs 45,000. So here’s a picture for you:

Three-in-one silk saree

A three-in-one sari is just sheer genius, and definitely lighter on the pocket. Each sari in this collection has a detachable pallu, thanks to Velcro. So tear one pallu off and attach any of the other two pallus that come with your sari. You can get these at Pothys starting at Rs 7,000.


Now this particular idea is brilliance combined with sartorial engineering. Some shops have a two-piece garment can be worn both as an anarkali and as a paavdai-davani (the half-sari worn in parts of south India). It comes with a blouse and a skirt that are designed in such a way, that when worn as an anarkali, all you have to do is wear the skirt higher on the waist, which brings the skirt slightly above the ankles. Wear it a little lower, and it’s the full-length skirt of the paavadai-davani. Sheer brilliance, we say!

For the men

Around Diwali time, Chennai is pleasant and makes for a great time to wear jackets. Several shops in T.Nagar have “Modi jackets” in stock as an accessory that can just notch up the style quotient for the men.

Making hay while the sun shines

With three festivals in a row – Ganesh Chaturti, Dasara, Diwali – in as many months, shop-keepers are a happy lot. With just a few days left for Diwali, footfalls in various shops just just gone up.

Manager at Chennai Silks A. Velmurugan told The News Minute, “Sales have gone up by 20-30% this year. About 1,000 people come to shop on weekdays and about 2,500 on weekends.”