Ray of hope for Vaiko's alliance? Vijayakanth expresses interest

“Take it from me, bad time has begun for Jayalalithaa"
Ray of hope for Vaiko's alliance? Vijayakanth expresses interest
Ray of hope for Vaiko's alliance? Vijayakanth expresses interest
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DMDK president Vijayakanth on Saturday ruling out the possibility of forming an alliance with the two main Dravidian parties, heightened the possibility of an alliance with the People’s Welfare Alliance (MDMK, CPI, CPM and VCK) to counter the ‘big brotherly attitude’ of the two major parties in the state.

“Take it from me, bad time has begun for Jayalalithaa. It won't matter if there's a fragmented opposition. I may even go alone,” Vijaykanth told Times of India in an interview to Julie Marippan while speaking about the upcoming 2016 Assembly elections and the floods in the city.

Earlier in November, The News Minute had explained how the existing People’s Welfare Front - comprising of MDMK, CPI, CPM and VCK, touted to be the “third front” of Tamil Nadu politics had little relevance in terms of electoral impact until and unless they manage to get DMDK on board.

About the current deluge, the actor turned politician blamed the successive regimes of the DMK and AIADMK for the catastrophe and said it will be the most contentious issue for the 2016 state elections.

Gain or loss for Vijayakanth?

With 29 MLAs, a vote share of 8% in 2011 and 5% in 2014, Vijayakanth would be a significant addition to the PWA.  Vaiko had openly called for both the re-grouped TMC and Vijayakanth’s DMDK to join the PWA.

Vijayakanth has much to gain and lose from joining the PWA.

On the one hand, he will be making an enemy out of the BJP, for the BJP hopes to have its own front with PMK and DMDK, a fourth front. Insiders say that Vijayakanth is facing pressure from his family to stay with the BJP since then they would be on the right side of the divide at lease with one power centre.

On the other hand, however, perhaps this will give the much needed impetus for Vijayakanth. In the PWA, he will be the undisputed leader and understood to be the CM candidate. He can pit himself against Stalin and Jayalalithaa, and not be stuck with an internal opponent in Anbumani Ramdoss as that would be the case if he sticks to BJP-PMK alliance.  Further, with the PWA, Vijayakanth would be able to contest in far more seats. Whether he wins seats or not, it will be a major boost to him in the long run, as he would be able to break into new territories.

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