The actor-turned-politician says he is confident Deve Gowda will not allow the banning of the film.

Rajinikanth on Kaala Was expecting more opposition CM Kumaraswamy knows what is just
news Controversy Tuesday, June 05, 2018 - 09:19

A day after his daughter and son-in-law moved the Karnataka High Court seeking necessary security arrangements to be provided to theatres which will screen Kaala, Rajinikanth has said that he was expecting more opposition for his latest film.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, the star said, “I was expecting more opposition but it is very low. Definitely if the film has content, it will do well. People will definitely accept if there is good. If it is not good, they will leave it.”

Rajinikanth found himself in the eye of a controversy following his meeting with the families of those injured in the May 22 police shooting in Thoothukudi. Rajinikanth had said that the protest was infiltrated by anti-social elements. He was widely condemned on social media for ‘insulting the protesters’.

Responding to the ban called by the Kannada Film Chamber on the film that is set to release on June 7, Rajinikanth said, “I don't think there will be a problem for Kaala in Karnataka. Because without reason, they are saying there will be ban. Kumaraswamy knows what is just. At a time when not just Tamils, but also people many of languages are eager to watch this film, they should not be cheated. At the same time, definitely Karnataka will make all arrangements to release the film. If something happens, I am confident that they will provide security. Above that, the elderly Deve Gowda is there. He will definitely not allow the ban of the film.”

On Monday, Aishwarya and Dhanush had also sought direction from the court restraining the government from restricting the release of Kaala.

On his comments on the Thoothukudi incident, Rajinikanth said, “No matter what people say, technology has developed. Whatever is there can be watched on YouTube or video. Whatever I have said is available. There is nothing to hide.”

When asked about whether his Thoothukudi visit was a promotion effort for Kaala, the actor laughed out loud, saying, "Because of God's grace and the support of my fans, at this age, in 43rd year of my cinema career, I don't have to do such a stunt."

“Politics is different. Cinema business is different. There is no relation between the two. But people will combine the two and talk. Nothing can be done about that,” he added.

The star, however, politely refused to comment on comedian and BJP State Secretary S Ve Shekher not being arrested despite the Madras High Court denying him bail.

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