Rajinikanth has called for low-key celebrations, but his fans have plastered posters across the state, imploring him to join politics.

Rajini for CM On Thalaivars birthday posters call for his political entryImage: By Nishanth Krish
news Rajinikanth Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 13:36

It's that time of the year again when superstar Rajinikanth's birthday rolls around, electrifying fans everywhere. However, this December 12, Thalaivar's fans across the state have put out posters conveying their enthusiasm about his "imminent" political entry.

With criticism of the AIADMK government growing, Rajinikanth's diehard fans, who have been imploring the actor to make his political foray for over two decades, seem to have amplified their voice this year. However, Rajniikanth appears to have called for low-key celebrations given the death and destruction caused by Cyclone Okhi in the southern part of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. 

Posters are plastered across the state calling for a change and a revolution against "the system." One poster reads "porukku thaiyaar aagum makkal sakthiye", implying that Rajinikanth is people's power readying for war (possibly against the system).

Another poster from Rajinikanth's fan club in the DMK bastion of Thiru Vi Ka Nagar, Central Chennai, declares, "system kettupoi vitadhaal, Tamizhaga makkal maatrathai edhirpaarkiraargal" translating to "because the system has gone bad, the Tamil people are awaiting a change".

Another one warns the current political class, "Idhu varikum potadhu vote-u, inimey poda poradhu dhaan vetu" loosely translating to "thus far we have voted, now we will pose a challenge." Yet another one proclaims in verse, "malarattum makkal atchi, un thalaimaiyil nallatchi" meaning "let people's governance bloom, under your leadership, good governance."

Others range from calling him the next Chief Minister to announcing his slogan as "Honest Politics".

With the political vacuum created by the death of former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa last year, many Kollywood stars have come in to the limelight for being increasingly vocal about their political stand. In particular, Rajinikanth and Kamal Hasan, both contemporaries and known for their massive fan bases across the state have been holding private and public meetings and consultations regarding their political entry. While Kamal Hasan has confirmed his entry into politics, Rajinikanth has yet to do so. 

In August this year Rajinikanth’s close friend and politician Tamilaruvi Manian of the Gandhiya Makkal Iyakkam called for something of a political rally which witnessed a huge crowd. Earlier in May, Rajinkanth had called himself ‘Pachchai Tamizhan’, a true-blood Tamil. “I am always asked if I am Tamizhan. I am 66 years old. I lived for 22 years in Karnataka and for 44 years in Tamil Nadu. I may have come here as a Marathi or Kannadiga. But you all gave me love, respect and fame. You made me a Tamizhan. I am a pachchai Tamizhan,” he had said.

(All images were clicked by Nishanth Krish)

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