Rajeev Ravi's 'Kuttavum Shikshayum' with Asif Ali is based on true story

The film is based on a true investigation story, which was headed by one of the scriptwriters.
Poster of Kuttavum Shikshayum
Poster of Kuttavum Shikshayum
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Five faces sketched in sepia brown are on the poster of Rajeev Ravi's new film Kuttavum Shikshayum – Crime and Punishment. Actor Asif Ali, who is playing the lead in the film, released the poster on Sunday evening with the caption 'Man will get used to anything', the same as the movie's tagline.

Other than Asif Ali, the film has Sunny Wayne, Sharafuddin, Senthil and Alencier on the poster. On it is written the title and the curious tagline which ends with a Malayalam curse word, 'Mayiran'. The film is written by Sibi Thomas and Sreejith Divakaran, and produced by Arunkumar VR.

The tagline is a quote from Dostoevsky’s iconic novel Crime and Punishment, though the film has nothing to do with the novel. It is based on a true investigation story which was headed by one of the writers, Sibi Thomas, who is also a police inspector in Kasaragod district. The events and perspectives were adapted to suit the film. The film also looks at the futility of the justice system in some situations.

The cinematography is by Suresh Rajan and editing by Ajith Kumar B. Dawn Vincent is composing the music and Anwar Ali is writing the lyrics.

Rajeev Ravi, renowned cinematographer and director of three critically acclaimed Malayalam films including the last-released Kammattippadam, has been busy shooting his fourth with Nivin Pauly, Thuramukam. The film, a take on the chappa system in Kerala, was wrapped in January this year. It is based on the popular play of the same name written by KM Chidambaram. The film is scripted by his son Gopan Chidambaram. The chappa system was practised in Kochi during the 1950s; in this system, copper coins were thrown at workers and whoever managed to catch one would get work. The film will tell the story of the protests against the system, police firing and the death of three workers in Mattancherry.

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