Raghava Lawrence promises house for Parvathi, whose life inspired Jai Bhim

The film is based on real events, and the character Sengani played by Lijomol Jose, is based on Parvathi.
Parvathi and Raghava Lawrence
Parvathi and Raghava Lawrence
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Actor, director and choreographer Raghava Lawrence has announced that he will build a house for Parvathi, whose life events inspired the recent Tamil film Jai Bhim. The film, which has won wide critical acclaim, tells the story of a landmark legal battle led by Sengani (based on Parvathi) and lawyer Chandru, when her husband Rajakannu, who belongs to the Irular tribe, is framed by the police in a false case. “I was greatly affected when I found out about the life of Parvathi Amma, the wife of Rajakannu, who was tortured and killed for a crime he did not commit,” Lawrence said in a note. 

Lawrence said that he was extremely upset when he heard more details about Parvathi’s present condition of poverty, as reported on the YouTube channel Valaipechu Voice. “I have promised Parvathi Amma that I will build a house for her at my expense,” Lawrence wrote. 

The film Jai Bhim, directed by TJ Gnanavel, is based on real events and tells the story of the arrest of three men belonging to the Irula tribe in a theft case. The police frame them under false charges under pressure to solve pending cases. The film shows the horrific police brutality that follows, and the legal battle fought by retired Madras High Court judge K Chandru in the '90s. Suriya is seen in the role of lawyer Chandru, while Lijomol Jose plays Senganni (based on Parvathi), the wife of Rajakannu, portrayed by Manikandan. 

Lawrence congratulated the crew of Jai Bhim for bringing attention to a terrible tragedy that took place 28 years ago and making it one of the most discussed topics in Tamil Nadu. He also thanked the director TJ Gnanavel, the producers Suriya and Jyothika for creating “a masterpiece of art.” 

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