Since the acquisition was announced, netizens have been upset about the loss of Chennai’s beloved SPI Cinemas.

PVR is taking over Sathyam but the popcorn cream donut and cold coffee will stay put
news Business Monday, August 13, 2018 - 16:29

On Sunday evening, the city of Chennai expressed collective heartbreak as news broke that multiplex chain PVR cinemas will be acquiring iconic Chennai brand – SPI Cinemas Pvt Ltd, originally called Sathyam Cinemas. 

PVR in this deal worth close to Rs.850 crore, will be acquiring 71.7% stake in SPI Cinema. But even this whopping amount is shadowed by Chennai's love for Sathyam. Some movie goers are already hatching plans to buy back the shares from PVR.

Netizens rushed to social media to vent their feelings at the thought of their favourite theatre in the city losing its flavour. And by that they mean Sathyam's legendary butter popcorn and the accompanying flavours. Those who are not from Chennai or haven't visited this theatre in Royapettah are probably wondering what all the fuss is about. I mean, it is just popcorn right?

But Sathyam Cinema loyalists don’t lose heart just yet. On Monday SPI Cinemas said, "From your love for our popcorn and cold coffee, to your outrage when things didn't go our way, SPI cinemas could have never been what is it today without you. While it's only natural for you to wonder what this means for brand SPI, we want to let you know that this decision is not solely a business decision but one that is based on the larger picture. The SPI culture will continue to be what it has always been - passionate, pioneering and inclusive. The core SPI team led by Swaroop and I, will continue to nurture and shape your experiences by preserving everything you love about us - from the people to the food to our commitment to excellence, all of it will remain intact."

That includes the popcorn, the cream donuts, the giant puff, the works. With both SPI’s owners Kiran Reddy and Swaroop Reddy continuing as CEO and President respectively,  patrons are assured the full “Sathyam experience” for now.  

SPI Cinemas' statement comes after massive outpouring of disappointment by people. And all of them agreed that popcorn is a word. But Sathyam popcorn is an emotion. 

Some others, took the matter further, mourning over what they saw as the impending loss of the cream donuts and ice creams at Sathyam. 

But it is not just the food that has created such a loyal fan base for Sathyam cinemas. Theatre loyalists further talk about great picture quality and the four way speakers that give high precision in all frequency ranges. What more, the theatre charges nominally for parking and movies always begin on time.

With PVR taking over, movie goers expressed concern about show timings and prices. 

For those familiar with Chennai, Sathyam is part of their childhood and holds a treasured place in their memories. 

And to sum it all up, here is what Chennai feels about this deal -