Thieves made away with six sacks of onions on Muthu Krishnan’s agricultural field in the wee hours of Tuesday.

As prices hit all-time-high 300 kg onions stolen from TN farmer
news Crime Wednesday, December 04, 2019 - 17:56

Even as onion prices in the country are hitting the roof, jokes and cartoons regarding the high value of the essential commodity have also been doing the rounds. Unfortunately, for one farmer in Tamil Nadu’s Perambalur district, things were no laughing matter when he discovered on Tuesday that 300 kg worth of onions were stolen from his farm. 

Speaking to TNM, Muthu Krishnan recalls his shock even as he entered his field on Tuesday morning. “They made away with six sacks of onions. It was about 300 to 350 kg of onions from the field. I had prepared the onions for harvest only the previous day. And these were good quality onions meant for sowing. I have no way to compensate my loss now,” he says. 

A complaint has been registered at the Alathur police station in the district and an investigation is underway. Muthu Krishnan adds that his village has seen nothing like this before. “This is the first time that onions are getting stolen, the first time that somebody's agriculture produce is being robbed straight from the field. Only four months ago, we had to face huge losses and throw out our rotten onions. This robbery took place only because the price is so high at the moment. The remaining onions got wet in the rain last night. So whatever I could save, I have taken it back to my house now. I have no other choice,” he says. 

Muthu Krishnan and farmers in his village have grown vigilant following the incident. “We stay up at night to guard the fields. We are all very confused and losing sleep over this,” he says, expressing hope that the prices come down. 

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the Centre reduced the stock holding limit for retailers and wholesalers to 5 tonnes and 25 tonnes, respectively. 


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