news Friday, July 31, 2015 - 05:30
  Classes at Pondicherry University remain suspended for its fifth day after students have joined in demanding the ouster of incumbent Vice Chancellor Dr. Chandra Krishnamurthy. Allegations of plagiarism by the VC and mismanagement within campus have been made by striking students belonging to this Central University’s hostels. According to one faculty residing inside the campus, despite attempts at a non-violent protest, many PU students were forcibly taken away by police present at the venue. “Some people (belonging to the university) came and pulled away the cloth that girls used to cover their faces. That is when the boys came to help them. The police misunderstood it as violence,” said a student. Though classes have been stopped, faculty has been allowed to enter the campus. Earlier in the week, students blocked entrances to both the gates of the University and squatted inside the premises.   Scenes at the University on Friday Though protests remained largely peaceful with police maintaining law and order, sporadic scenes of violence were also seen. Around 30 students have been taken away, and at least one faculty member taken to the police station.  Students have been protesting at the University for a week now. Read Pondicherry University students go all out in demand for VC's ouster. Is the MHRD listening?