Peter Paul's estranged wife objects to wedding with actor Vanitha

Peter Paul and his first wife, Elizabeth Helen, have reportedly been separated for seven years.
Peter Paul's estranged wife objects to wedding with actor Vanitha
Peter Paul's estranged wife objects to wedding with actor Vanitha
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Actor Vanitha Vijaykumar married visual effects director Peter Paul on Saturday. A day later, on Sunday, Peter’s first wife Elizabeth Helen filed a complaint with the Vadapalani police in Chennai, alleging that Peter and herself are not legally divorced even though they have been estranged for over seven years. Elizabeth and Paul have two children together.

In an interview with Thanthi channel, Elizabeth alleged that Peter Paul had promised her, by signing a letter, that he would not remarry without legally divorcing her first, and that if he did, she had the right to take legal action. “I want my husband to live with us. My children need their father. He is our identity. She (Vanitha) has made use of our misunderstanding and has done this. My children want their father and I want my life,” she has said.

According to reports, Elizabeth has also filed a police complaint.

Responding to Elizabeth’s complaint, Vanitha has now issued a statement asserting that she has “not broken up anyone’s family”. Vanitha said, “I met a man who was estranged for more than seven years without anyone who cared for him.”

Referring to her Christian wedding, Vanitha has written that they have not registered their marriage yet. “Peter Paul and I have joint together in the presence of god but since I have not converted to Christianity which I do not intend to do we have not registered our marriage. (sic)”

She further alleged that the complaint has been made with malicious intent, to extract money. “To spoil my reputation and defame me and to purely extract money people who have no concern over us are trying to create malice,” she added.

“Since he is suddenly in the limelight and trending he is being misused for their selfishness. I didn't break anyone's family nor will I do so. (sic),” Vanitha has said in her statement.

Vanitha and Peter’s wedding took place at the former’s house in Chennai in the presence of close friends and family. Vanitha has repeatedly stated that she sought her daughters’ approval before agreeing to Paul’s proposal. At her wedding ceremony, Vanitha’s daughters Jovika and Jonita were present.

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