The promulgation of the ordinance means that Tamil Nadu government can now permit jallikattu

Peoples movement wins for now TN Governor promulgates jallikattu ordinance
news jallikattu Saturday, January 21, 2017 - 16:38

It’s a temporary win, but nonetheless a big win for the people’s movement at Marina, Alanganallur and many other parts of Tamil Nadu. TN Governor Vidyasagar Rao has promulgated an ordinance making jallikattu legal in the state. The TN government's ordinance also has the President's sanction to amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act with regard to Tamil Nadu.

The Governor's assent comes after the ordinance draft was approved by the Home Ministry and Law Ministry. Through the centre, the President Pranab Mukherjee gave his go ahead for Tamil Nadu’s ordinance to allow jallikattu in the state.

What does it mean for the state?

The promulgation of the ordinance means that Tamil Nadu government can now permit the opening of the vadivasal at Alanganallur, and let the bulls out for the conduct of jallikattu. Reports say that jallikattu will be conducted in various parts of the state, including Alanganallur, on Sunday or Monday.

What next?

Though the ordinance will allow TN to allow jallikattu, the ordinance will have to be substituted with a law. within the next six weeks. The TN assembly will have to pass a bill on the same grounds. After getting Governor's assent, the bill will be sent to the President. The bill will become a law once the President accords sanction.

Is an ordinance enough?

The protesters at Marina and elsewhere in Tamil Nadu have welcomed the move - but are refusing to give up on the protests as they see this as only a temporary solution.

Since the ordinance can, and is likely to, be challenged in court, people are demanding that the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act be amended, and that the bull be removed from the list of animals that cannot be used for performance purposes.