Kalimuthu reportedly jumped the fence to get a better view of the race, and was attacked from the back.

Palamedu jallikattu seesfirstcasualty 19-year-old spectator killed by bull
news Jallikattu Monday, January 15, 2018 - 17:43

In an unfortunate incident, a 19-year-old was killed by a raging bull during the jallikattu in Palamedu, Madurai district.

Kalimuthu, who hails from Dindigul district, travelled all the way to Palamedu to witness the event.

He reportedly jumped the fence to get a better view of the race when a bull, which had finished the race, turned around and attacked him from behind. He was attacked below the rib cage.

Kalimuthu was standing at the bull collection point at the far end of the arena, where owners collect their bulls after the race. Spectators are strictly not allowed in this area. 

Unconscious and bleeding profusely, he was taken to the first aid camp on site. 

His wound was not stitched up as the officials at the medical camp were not sure about the which organs were affected. After first aid was administered and his wounds were dressed, Kalimuthu was transferred to the government hospital in Madurai.

Around 28 people suffered injuries at the Palamedu jallikattu. However, Kalimuthu is the first reported casualty, and is also the first case of a spectator being attacked.

Those who sustained injuries are all participants, and have been given treatment at the government hospital.

According to sources, five people out of the 28 who sustained injuries are in critical condition and have been admitted to the hospital.

The incident occurred despite safety arrangements. A double barricade had been set up for the public and the police were also deployed.

Jallikattu was banned by the Supreme Court in 2014 after activists rallied against the sport as they believed it was extreme animal cruelty. However, after Tamil Nadu saw 50,000 protestors rallying for jallikattu in Chennai’s Marina Beach in January last year, the State government enacted a law to bypass the Supreme Court’s order.