‘Padmaavat’ is a must-watch: Hindu Makkal Katchi chief makes U turn

“If the protesters watch this film, they’ll change their mind,” said Hindu Makkal Katchi’s Arjun Sampath.
‘Padmaavat’ is a must-watch: Hindu Makkal Katchi chief makes U turn
‘Padmaavat’ is a must-watch: Hindu Makkal Katchi chief makes U turn
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Following months of protests by various Hindu and Rajput groups, the Bollywood period drama Padmaavat, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali was released finally on January 25. 

Having garnered a lot of media attention over the last several months, the film underwent several cuts and even change of title before it could be allowed to release in the theatres.

Now in a volte-face, Hindu Makkal Katchi President Arjun Sampath, who had protested its release, has lauded Padmaavat upon watching the film, noting that it a must-watch for everyone.

Speaking to reporters in Coimbatore, Arjun said that the film is a story that talks about Indian women’s courage, intellect, capability, honour, and chastity. “This film shows Rani Padmaavati’s life history and her sacrifice so that Indian people can understand.”

Arjun added that based on information that the film had glorified Alauddin Khilji and had insulted Rani Padmaavati, he had protested before its release. “As a result of the protests, the film has been censored, the name has been changed and then released. I now welcome the movie.”

He said that while being shot, the film had Rani Padmaavati being loved by Alauddin Khilji. Based on this wrong information the whole of India protested. 

The Hindu Makkal Katchi leader said that the scene where thousands of Hindu women perform ‘jauahar’ – mass self-immolation to avoid being captured or raped by invaders –  gives goosebumps to the viewer. He also noted that the scene where Rani Padmaavati’s husband is being killed from behind is also true. 

“If the protesters watch this film, they’ll change their mind. This film will do well among the public and is a must-watch for everyone,” he added.

Arjun also said that he would talk to the protesters regarding the film. “The film has established Indian women’s war of righteousness. Alauddin Khilji has destroyed temples in the south.” He also appreciated those who acted in the film.

Several states were rocked by violent protests by supporters of Rajput outfit Karni Sena, who opposed the release of Padmaavat on the grounds that it was a distortion of history. They allege that Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film shows the 14th Century Rajput queen Rani Padmaavati in less than honourable light.  

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