The set of instructions from the TNCA come after threats from local political parties and objections from the film fraternity.

No phones banners or flags Instructions for fans at the Chennai stadium for IPL(
news IPL Monday, April 09, 2018 - 17:47

As tensions rise in Tamil Nadu over the Cauvery dispute, the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association is taking all steps to ensure that there is no violence or tension within the MA Chidambaram stadium on April 10th. The Chennai Super Kings are set to play their first home game against the Kolkata Knight Riders on Tuesday, even as voices against hosting the tournament in the city grow stronger. 

The latest set of instructions from the TNCA come after threats from local political parties to the safety of the players and objections from the film fraternity. 

The security at the stadium will be tight as police intelligence reports say that there could be protests inside stadium.

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The following are the list of conditions issued to those who will be watching the match at the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium on Tuesday. 

  • Items such as (including without limitation) banners, flags etc. displaying patented commercial logos, which, in the Association / Organisers view may conflict with the rights of any official sponsor of the match will not be allowed into the Stadium. 
  • Spectators are requested not to bring bags, jholas, mobile phones, brief-cases, pagers, radios, digital diaries, laptops, computers, tape-recorders, binoculars, remote control devices, remote control car-keys or any other electronic devices, musical instruments, video cameras, digital cameras.
  • Crackers, inflammable materials, fire arms and ammunitions, edibles, thermos flasks, water jugs, bottles, cigarettes, beedies, match-boxes, lighters, razors, scissors, mirrors and glasses, knives, and any gadget having dry cell battery, button cell battery or any other banned substance with them as all these items are strictly prohibited and will not be allowed inside the stadium or seating enclosures. 
  • The use of mobile phones, transistors, computers, cameras, or any other audio visual recording equipment, for recording and or communication of match details, statistics, images etc. is strictly prohibited. 
  • No food or drink from outside is permitted.
  • All ticket holders will be subject to security checks/frisking and should cooperate with Chennai Police and Security Guards. All vehicles should be parked only in the earmarked parking lots.
  • Spectators are requested not to rush inside or out of the Stadium/venue even after the game has concluded. 
  • Throwing of any object inside the stadium and on to the ground is strictly prohibited. Person(s) found doing so will be handed over to the Police.
  • Do not set waste paper etc. on fire in the galleries. If you find any suspicious object / any person moving in suspicious manner, please inform the Police/Association officials immediately. 
  • Foul, abusive, unruly language or behaviours will not be tolerated Spectators are cautioned not to indulge in anti-racial activities / comments etc. Person doing so shall be evicted out of the Stadium and dealt with in accordance with the law. 
  • The Association disclaims responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever, caused to property or person or the spectator arising during the match and in connection therewith. 
  • Ambush marketing in any form is strictly prohibited and will result in expulsion from the Stadium. 
  • Spectators are advised not to dishonour the National Flag.
  • Spectators are not to deposit / hand over any of their belongings (like mobile phones/cameras/food packets/beverages bottles or any other banned items) with any Security Guard / Police or other Personnel at the Gates
  • Re-entry is not allowed.



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