The visuals aired by PTTV show policemen in riot gear charging on Hindu Munnani activists.

No patience for violent gau rakshaks cops thrash vigilantes in Tamil Nadu
news Thursday, June 29, 2017 - 14:07

In the backdrop of lynchings on Muslims and Dalits over the new cattle trade regulations, an incident in Tamil Nadu, saw police thrashing cow vigilantes who resorted to violence in Dindugal district.

According to reports, the vigilantes (members of the Hindu Munnani group) waylaid a truck carrying calves from Pollachi to Palani. They forced the farmer to take the animals and the truck to come to the police station.

Following this, members of Left parties and VCK arrived at the spot and began arguing with members of the Hindu Munnani. They convinced the police that the farmer in question had the necessary permits to transport the calves and that it was not meant for slaughter. The 'cow vigilantes' enraged by this, allegedly began pelting stones at the station and on public property. Tamil channels reported that the public bus was vandalized during the protest.

Following this, police lathi charged members of the Hindu Munnani.

The visuals aired by PTTV show policemen in riot gear charging on Hindu Munnani activists. The police can be seen thrashing a man in a saffron dhoti. The video shared by many people on social media has got mixed reactions. While many have expressed happiness at the way cow vigilantes got thrashed, others warned that state violence against any groups need to be condemned.

The right wing group however has a different explanation to offer. "The vehicle was stopped by a Godman and he brought them to the station. Close to 20 calves were crammed into a small vehicle and it was inhumane," a member of the Hindu Munnani's Coimbatore wing told The News Minute.

"Members of the group just went to the police station to see what was wrong. The Muslims and communists gathered there began an argument and started pelting stones but we were the ones targeted for it," he claims.

According to the Hindu Munnani, four of its members have been admitted in the hospital with severe injuries.

In another incident, a farmer from the Gounder community who was transporting cows for farming purpose from Trichy to Udumalaipet on Wednesday, was stopped by a Hindu mutt head Senbagamannar Jeeyar from Mannargudi.