news Friday, July 03, 2015 - 05:30
    When cars go missing, their owners reach out to the police and invariably wait in the hope that their vehicles would turn up safe; somewhere abandoned by whoever stole it.   However, for one owner of a brand new Audi Q3 car, worth atleast Rs. 30 lakh his idea of where he would find his allegedly stolen car was not the idyllic sort of setting he would have expected; and probably the last place a car should be.    Early on Thursday morning, fishermen who headed to Chennai’s Kovalam beach found the shiny, white vehicle stuck on the sand near the coast.   What really happened?   Well, it turns out no one really is sure.   The high-end vehicle, white and without a registration plate, was found stuck in the sands of Chennai’s Kovalam beach early Thursday morning. After the Kelambakkam police was informed, an earthmover was brought in to remove the vehicle. “The vehicle is right now at our police station,” said Ramesh, a police official of the Kelambakkam police station who spoke to The News Minute on Friday.   The vehicle reportedly belongs to D Williams who approached the Kelambakkam police on Thursday to retrieve the vehicle.   Deccan Chronicle reported that according to Williams, his brother-in-law had taken the vehicle out on a drive along with his friends the previous night along the East Coast Road (ECR). He claimed that the vehicle was stolen when the occupants of the car stopped to snack inadvertently leaving the car keys behind.    Interestingly, fishermen seemed to have a varied account to the story saying that though they had noticed the car, it had been accompanied by a bike which it had been racing along with on the beach that night.   The Times of India reports that considering the damages, neither the car owner nor the insurance company was willing to take back the damaged car.  According to Kelambakkam police, since no one was claiming the vehicle it would be handed over to the Regional Transport Office as unclaimed property.   While this report suggests the possibility of conceivably drunk men taking off in the car and then abandoning the vehicle once they knew it had gotten stuck in the sands, nobody really seems to be clear about what really transpired.  According to another report, the "floating" car went missing after it was parked along the ECR.    All we can say is - One minute of silence to all car lovers and that tremendously unlucky owner of that Audi car he probably will never drive again.