In an interview with Cinema Vikatan, Varisu director Vamshi Paidipally responded to some of the criticism towards the film, including the derogatory comparison with TV serials.

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Responding to criticism against his latest film Varisu starring Vijay, director Vamshi Paidipally said that his filmmaking is not intended for film critics. The filmmaker lamented that people criticising Varisu do not understand the hard work and sacrifice that go into the making of a film. In an interview with Cinema Vikatan uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, January 17, the director analysed various aspects of the movie and also responded to the criticism it had garnered.

When asked about critics who gave negative reviews to his film, the director said, “I do not disrespect critics. But my filmmaking is not for critics. I am here to make commercial films and my motivation is to make films for the audience.” Vamshi further said that the views shared by critics are subjective and it is their job to criticise the movie.

Directing his question to critics who make negative comments even when only the poster of a film has been released, Vamshi said that they do not know the efforts that go behind making movies. He said, “Do you [critics] know how tough it is to make a film these days? Do you know how much hard work people are putting in for movies to be made? It’s not a joke, brother.” Vamshi went on to say that the director and the lead actor make many sacrifices for a film to be shot.

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Speaking about how hard Vijay worked for Varisu, Vamshi said, “It’s Thalapathy Vijay, one of the biggest stars in the country. Do you know how hard he works for a film? Till date, he rehearses before shooting every song. He practises every dialogue. Only the efforts are in our hands, the results are never in our hands. He is my review writer and critic. I make films for him.”

Responding to the derogatory comparison made by some viewers between Varisu and Tamil television serials, the filmmaker said, “Why are you degrading serials? Do you know how many people serials keep engrossed in the evenings? That is also a creative job.” Vamshi further said that he does not take negative comments seriously and if he did, it was like disrespecting his work and himself. The director also said that he makes commercial films to entertain people and Varisu had succeeded in that aspect.

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