Jump Cuts, a Tamil comedy channel on YouTube, produces videos that are an amalgamation of comic instances and social issues

Meet the Chennai-based creators of a YouTube channel that has all Tamil youth saying EdhukkuHari (left) and Naresh (right)
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When their first video uploaded on their Facebook page went viral, the director-actor due Naresh and Hari decided to move their content to YouTube where they have now more than five lakh subscribers. 

Jump Cuts, a Tamil comedy channel on YouTube, produces videos that are an amalgamation of comic instances and social issues. Till date, they have produced 30+ comedy sketch videos on YouTube. Jump Cuts was first started by Chennai-based visual communication graduates, Naresh and Hari Bhaskar as a Facebook page and later moved to YouTube in November 2016. 

“I was working as an assistant cinematographer in the industry. We used to make small sketch videos during my scheduled breaks. Our first video went viral on FB through positive word of mouth,” says Hari. From then on, there was no turning back for the duo.

Naresh is the man behind the camera with Hari taking on the role of different characters in the video. The duo has taken the name ‘Jump Cuts’ after the editing technique they use giving the videos a sharp and crisp quality. 

Their average view count is 1 million which spans across different countries. They have managed to retain a loyal fan base, especially among college students.

Their videos, apart from being funny, are also commentaries on various relevant social issues. 

They have parodied phenomenon such as the reality show, Bigg Boss, the Jallikattu issue, Vardha cyclone, the Kathiramangalam issue, among others. “People don’t exclusively want to watch socially relevant videos so we blend it together with comedy to reach out,” says Hari.

But why have only one actor playing multiple characters?  “We weren’t able to source a good cast. I opted for mono-acting as I felt I would suffice for both roles,” says Hari. 

Till date, he has enacted over 150 different roles in the videos. Unlike other YouTubers who make a distinction in gender using costumes, Hari does it using voice modulation and body language alone.

The catchphrase ‘Edhukku’ that translates to ‘Why on Earth?’ is used at the end of every sketch. The phrase has caught on with the Tamil youth and has become a part of their lingo. Memes featuring this phrase has become quite a rage in social media.

The rapid success of the videos has given Hari Baskar an entry ticket to the silver screen. Hari has reportedly received numerous film offers after the success of their videos. 

“I have committed to a major feature film. But as of now, I am not supposed to give details” he says.

The duo recently launched another YouTube channel called the ‘Idiot Box’. Hari and Naresh aim to carve a niche for themselves in the film industry in the coming years.

You can watch their videos here.

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