Madurai man falls into pot of boiling porridge, dies of burn injuries

The man, identified as Muthukumar, was walking near the pots where porridge was being made for the Aadi festival and fell inside after he lost his balance.
Visuals of the man in the porridge death
Visuals of the man in the porridge death
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In a tragic incident, a man in Madurai died from burns after falling into a pot of boiling porridge on Tuesday, August 2. The police identified the man as Muthukumar (54). The porridge was being prepared for the Aadi festival to be offered to devotees at the Muthu Mariyamman temple in Palanganatham in Subramaniapuram. Muthukumar was part of the organising committee that was in charge of the temple festival. The incident was recorded on the CCTV camera which was near the temple premises.

The CCTV footage indicates that Muthukumar was stumbling and lost his balance before he fell into the pot. Onlookers tried to warn him as he was walking near the pot. After he stumbled into the pot, people tried to pull him out while he struggled to come out. Since the pot was filled with boiling porridge, even those who tried to help him were finding it difficult to retrieve him. Eventually, people overturned the pot and Muthukumar fell out. He suffered 65% burn injuries and was rushed to the Rajaji Government Hospital where he succumbed a few hours later. 

TNM spoke to a police officer who said that an FIR has been registered under Section 174 (enabling police to inquire and report on suicide, etc.) of the Criminal Procedure Code and investigation is underway. Police sources also mentioned that the incident happened nearly a week ago and the CCTV footage was leaked on Tuesday, August 2 and went viral on social media. The time stamp on the footage also indicates that the accident happened on Friday, July 25.

Reports say that Muthukumar’s wife filed a complaint at the Subramaniapuram police station. She said that her husband suffered from epilepsy and when he went near the pots, he had a bout of fits which made him lose his balance and fall inside.

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