Kerala's Dinkoists take on Akshaya Tritiya, hit the market with their brand of underwear

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Kerala's Dinkoists take on Akshaya Tritiya, hit the market with their brand of underwear
Kerala's Dinkoists take on Akshaya Tritiya, hit the market with their brand of underwear
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Well, this is not just any random underwear. It’s the One that has been part of the historic life of Lord Dinkan.

Much to the delight of the followers of Dinkan, the ‘Mooshikasena’ -protectors of Dinkoism- have now come up with a campaign to shower Dinkan’s blessings through his….err… red underwear. Yeah, you heard right.

Unless you have been underground for quite some time, the world now seems awash with stories of Dinkan and his divine powers which has amassed him innumerable followers spread across the globe.

Well, for those who came in late, Dinkoists are a mock religious lot out to take a dig on religious communities who tend to take their ideologies a tad too seriously.

Dinkoists trace their origins to over three billion eons ago. Does it matter that he’s a comic character -a fictional mouse- who appears in the children’s magazine ‘Balamangalam’? What matters is he’s endowed with supernatural powers and can fly.

Dinkoists swear by their holy book ‘Dinka Puranam’ and argue that Dinkoism is the oldest and purest religion, one that guarantees freedom of speech, expression and gender equality.

To mark the auspicious festival of ‘Akshaya Jatteeya’ that falls on May 8 and 9, Dinkoists will distribute red underwears with Dinkan-stickers on them.

“Dazzling wealth awaits all those who purchase this holy underwear on the said dates. ‘Jatti’ in the holy Malayalam language means underwear. ‘Jatteeya’ means that which relates to ‘Jatti’ and ‘Akshaya Jatteeya’ refers to an infinite blessing related to underwear,” a post on their Facebook page explains.

Sukhesh Vadavil -a staunch proponent of Dinkoism- says, “Underwear is a sign of prosperity, and according to our beliefs, if people buy the underwear on these particular days, they are sure to attain glory and the number of ‘underwears’ they posses will increase manifold within just six months.”

Followers can order their special underwear by clicking on ‘Book Your Jatti’ on their website.

Sukhesh and other Dinkoists are also not happy with how jewellery shops have started exploiting the age-old Dinkoist custom for commercial purposes.

“Jewellery shops are merely trying to imitate our custom. Gold is not affordable but underwear is. That is exactly why Dinkan is god of the masses,” Sukhesh clarifies.

More than 300 orders have reportedly been received. ‘Jattis’ will also be distributed on May 8 and 9 in various places including Kochi, Kozhikode, Palakkad and Thalassery.

You can read more about it here.

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