Kerala Hindu woman in love with Muslim man put under house arrest in Mangaluru, rescued

In a video the woman managed to release to her relatives, she said that she was illegally detained in a house in Mangaluru by her mother, for falling in love with a Muslim man.
Kerala Hindu woman in love with Muslim man put under house arrest in Mangaluru, rescued
Kerala Hindu woman in love with Muslim man put under house arrest in Mangaluru, rescued
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"This could be my last video. My life is under threat and if something happens to me, my mother is responsible for it. I have suffered enough, for having loved a Muslim man for the last two years. I was sent to an orphanage run by RSS for 2 months and now I am in Mangaluru, under the custody of BJP, at a rented house. I have suffered a lot."

24-year-old Anjali Prakash, a native of Thrissur district, raised serious allegations against her mother and the Sangh Parivar, in a video released to her father's relatives.

Anjali said that she was being illegally detained by her mother for being in a relationship with a Muslim man. The video was aired by Malayalam news channel MediaOne on Saturday, five days after the Mangaluru police rescued Anjali.

The woman said she shot the video from a rented house in Mangaluru she had been confined to for the past one year. Anjali further said that her mother took her to Amrita hospital in Kochi for psychiatric treatment, before bringing her to Mangaluru. She spoke about the alleged involvement of RSS and BJP members in harassing her.

Amidst sobs, Anjali said that her mother had managed to convince people back home that Anjali was working in Mangaluru.

"None of that is true, I am not working here, or taking care of my mother. Whatever she said is wrong. When I say I want to go back home, I get beaten up," she said.

Mangaluru DCP (Crime) Uma told TNM that a team of Mangaluru City Police rescued Anjali on May 1, based on a tip off.

"We received information that she was in danger and went to the house to rescue her. Her mother was also there at the time. Anjali told us that she had been beaten up," the DCP said.

The police also booked Anjali's mother for illegally detaining her daughter in the house. She was, however, released on interim bail.

After rescuing Anjali, Second Class Judicial Magistrate Court in Mangaluru sent Anjali to a Mahila Mandiram, after she refused to go with her mother.

According to Bangalore Mirror, Anjali was in a relationship with Manas NM, a Muslim man. The report stated that Anjali got in touch with him after getting hold of a mobile phone and sent the video, which he later released to the media.

Manas told BM that although he filed a habeas corpus at the Kerala High Court, Anjali's mother managed to get a certificate from Amrita hospital stating that she was mentally ill.

Anjali's case comes months after a Yoga centre in Tripunithura came under the scanner for detaining Hindu women in relationship with men outside their religion and allegedly torturing them.  

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