Nasser’s brother Jawahar had held a press conference in Chennai last week, alleging that the actor has neglected his family.

Kameela didnt grow under my shadow Nasser slams smear campaign against wife
news Controversy Friday, April 05, 2019 - 11:26

Even as Makkal Needhi Maiam leader Kameela Nasser is gearing up to face the 2019 Lok Sabha elections from the Chennai Central constituency, actor and husband Nasser has slammed a personal smear campaign against the couple. In a letter to well-wishers on Thursday, the actor wrote that he considered it a "gift" that his wife was being attacked on the personal front because it only meant that there was nothing to complain about her candidature.

“In recent days, news about my family is appearing in all media outlets. I think it is dishonorable that just to say 'Don't vote for Kameela Nasser', they're dragging my family to the streets. It's natural that I think there are political schemers behind this,” he wrote. According to sources close to the development, Nasser’s statement is in response to a press conference held by Nasser's brother Jawahar in Chennai last week. Jawahar accused Nasser of neglecting his family and aged parents. He also alleged that his sister-in-law Kameela had destroyed the family.

“Kameela did not evolve under Nasser's shadow. Just like me, she too has her individuality and talents,” wrote Nasser. He also said that the couple's contribution would be evident from their public life. "The right things were done at the right time for the right people," he says, in an apparent reference to his brother accusing him of forgetting his duties to the family. “Owing to the strong instigation of one person in the family, my duties were hindered. Despite that, I am fulfilling my duties,” the actor claimed.

Nasser said that it was a gift that such accusations were being made and that it only proved that there are no complaints against Kameela Nasser as a candidate. He further added, “Let this allegation, made in light of the elections, rot on us till the elections. I well realise the need to state what happened.”

Noting that he and his wife were not going to disappear to another planet after the elections, Nasser said, "We have the courage and clarity to face this."

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