Junior Sankaracharya sits through ‘Tamil Thai Vazhthu’, creates massive furore

Vijayendra Saraswati was filmed sitting through Tamil Nadu’s state song at a dictionary release function.
Junior Sankaracharya sits through ‘Tamil Thai Vazhthu’, creates massive furore
Junior Sankaracharya sits through ‘Tamil Thai Vazhthu’, creates massive furore
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In a country where nationalists rationalise the assault of disabled men who cannot stand for the national anthem, the junior Sankaracharya of Kanchi Mutt, Vijayendra Saraswati, was seen sitting through Tamil Nadu’s state song Tamil Thai Vazhthu – the invocation of the Tamil mother – at an event at the Chennai Music Academy. Vijayendra Saraswati was filmed sitting through the Tamil anthem, during the release of a Tamil-Sanskrit dictionary compiled by Late Prof S Hariharan – the father of BJP National Secretary H Raja.

According to some reports, Vijayendra Saraswati chose to sit through the Tamil Thai Vazhthu even as he stood for the national anthem at the same event.

The event was attended by TN Governor Banwarilal Purohit, who can be seen standing along with H Raja, popular Tamil orator and actor Professor Solomon Pappiah, and other dignitaries as the Tamil Thai Vazhthu played.

It is compulsory to play the Tamil Thai Vazhthu at the beginning of every state function. The custom in Tamil Nadu is that people present must stand for the invocation, whether they are on or off stage.

Angry Tamils from across the world have hit out at the Kanchipuram godman for insulting the Tamil anthem.

Many shared pictures of Vijayendra standing for the national anthem, but sitting through the Tamil anthem, with several quick to use the hashtag Tamil_insulted

Others questioned the reason for the insult.

“Everybody knows that these guys are the enemy of Tamil and Tamilians. Only a few slaves who don’t understand this are putting them on a pedestal,” one user asked.

“The mentality where one thinks of oneself as god. Many believe that this is Hinduism. People’s perception of Hinduism is being spoilt by this. Perhaps this is what Brahmin supremacy means?”

“Do you now understand why we say we are not Hindus, but Tamils? If our Abdul Kalam was in the same place, he would have given the language its due respect. That we expect the same respect and courtesy of a Tamilian from someone who came through the Khyber Bholan Pass is our mistake.”

Many questioned H Raja for not questioning Vijayendra Saraswathi the way he questioned Vairamuthu.

“H Raja, you raised your voice only for Tamil mother Andal? This Brahmin is insulting the Tamil Thai Vazhthu. No sign of a reply from you!”

Meanwhile, in a clarification to local reporters, the Kanchi Mutt reportedly said, "Junior Sankaracharya Vijayendra Saraswati was performing meditation and hence he did not stand for the Tamil Thai Vazhthu."

Political parties were also quick to hit out at the Kanchi Mutt's junior pontiff. DMK's working President MK Stalin stated, "The disrespect shown by Vijayendrar to the Tamil Anthem calls for serious condemnation and I condemn it on behalf of DMK. It is very sad that this insult to Tamil Anthem happened in front of the Governor. Pontiff's explanation that he was under meditation is a lame excuse.  If that is the case, why no meditation during national anthem?"

CPI's State Secretary Mutharasan also reacted to the controversy. "The insult to Tamil Anthem by Vijayendrar is deliberate and is highly condemnable. Vijayendrar should seek unconditional apology for the insult he has heaped to Tamil and Tamil anthem.  If he really wanted to meditate, he should have finished meditation and then attended the function," he said.

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