No, it is not okay for people to reduce any person to their bodies.

Its a pity youre so fat Women share experiences of being body shamed and it hits hard
Social Body Shaming Friday, June 02, 2017 - 19:53

Ever been told how pretty you are, but that you'd look prettier if you lost some weight? Or that your breasts are too small or too big? Or that you should cover up your "big" thighs? Or that you are too skinny, too short, too tall, too dark, took sexy, too simple or too much anything?

If you answer yes to any of the above, you are not alone.

Women, and sometimes men too, from across the world often face body shaming in some form or the other. For many, it is recurring.

Many a time, it comes from people we know, people close to us, like our parents, friends, partners. How do you react to them? After all they just want your good, right?

No, it is not okay for people to reduce any person to their bodies. To make them feel that they are any lesser because they do not fit someone else's notions of beauty.

Body shaming can start when a person is very young and can leave a deep impact on them throughout their lives.

Sally Bergesen, the founder and CEO of athletic wear company Oiselle, recently tweeted about her experience of being body shamed. She was just 12 then and the shamer was her dad.

"Keep eating like that and you're going to be a butterball," she wrote.

She then asked people to retweet her and use the hashtag #TheySaid to share their own personal experiences.

Ever since, scores of women have taken to Twitter to share how they were body shamed. Some also mentioned how hurtful the comments were.

Bergesen later created another hashtag #SheReplied where she asked her followers to share how they responded or would respond to body shaming.


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