Student dies in Hyderabad after hair gets entangled in go-kart tyre

The accident took place at a go-karting venue in Hyderabad’s Gurram Guda.
Hyderabad student dies as her hair gets entangled while go-karting
Hyderabad student dies as her hair gets entangled while go-karting
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21-year-old Sri Varshini and her friends were out go-karting on Wednesday evening at a play zone in Hyderabad’s Gurram Guda. In a video that has now surfaced, one of the friends can be heard introducing the others as they settled into their karts. The video shows them drive ahead, one after the other, as the operator turns on the engine of the kart. Around two and a half minutes into the video, someone can be heard raising an alarm and screaming from the circuit.

The worried woman shooting the video then runs onto the circuit to find out what happened. There the video abruptly ends. When everyone ran to the spot they realized Sri Varshini’s helmet had come off and her hair had gotten entangled into the tyre of the kart. Immediately, she was rushed by her friends to a hospital nearby. The incident happened around 7 pm on Wednesday.

Speaking to TNM, Meerpet inspector M Mahender Reddy confirmed that the young student had succumbed to her injuries around 4 pm on Thursday. He said, “It was this morning that a written complaint was filed at the Meerpet police station. The woman was wearing a helmet but it seems like it came off midway and her hair got entangled with the tyre of the kart. Immediately we filed an FIR and launched investigation. Now that she has succumbed the sections under which the case was registered will change.”   

The engineering student’s parents have alleged that their daughter died due to the negligence of the go-karting organizers. 

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