“The effort to turn the whole world right wing will not succeed. This is a temporary fashion. Like makeup, it won't last too long,” the actor said.

 Hindu terrorists exist says Kamal Haasan Actors latest salvo against right wing
news Politics Thursday, November 02, 2017 - 13:00

Actor Kamal Haasan, who had recently stated that his colour is not saffron, has taken on the Hindu right in his latest column in Tamil magazine Vikatan.  

Alleging that terrorism has now spread to the Hindu camp, Kamal states, “Earlier, the Hindu right would not personally indulge in violence, but instead through their debates they would incite their opponents to violence. But once this tactic failed, they started using muscle power instead of dialogue. They too have started using violence. They can no longer challenge saying 'Can you show me a Hindu Terrorist?'”

He also went on say, “Terrorism has spread to that extent in their camp. This terrorism is neither a win nor progress for those who call themselves Hindus. Going from 'Truth alone triumphs' to 'Might alone triumphs' will make us all barbaric.”

Kamal’s latest statement was in response to a question by Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan published in the same magazine.

Pinarayi asks Kamal, “Periyar's self-respect movement had an impact beyond Tamil Nadu. Many societies look up to Tamil Nadu for inspiration and leadership. But in recent times, communalism and backwardness have set foot into Tamil Nadu. The slow growth of Hindutva powers are weakening the Dravidian tradition. As a social commentator, what is your opinion on this?”

The actor, whose political entry is speculated to be imminent, pointed out that fascism is rising across the world. He, however, said, “The effort to turn the whole world right wing will not succeed. This is a temporary fashion. Like makeup, it won't last too long.”

Kamal accused the older generation, especially the upper caste, of not wanting social equality and of imposing their thoughts on the younger generation.

“The casteists and communalists of old have entered the social networks of the younger generation, which has grown up without many differences or understanding of caste. As a reflection of this, websites are now listing cinema professionals and artistes according to their caste,” he said.

However, Kamal concludes on a hopeful note, arguing that change is the only constant and that circumstances will take the world forward. While congratulating the Kerala Chief Minister for the social justice achieved by his state, Kamal observed, “The day is not far when TN will once again be the example for social justice. Today, Kerala is that example. Congratulations for that.”

The RSS has hit out at the actor for his comments, and insinuated that he's trying to protect radical Islamic outfits by reviving the narrative of Hindu terror.

The actor had visited Pinarayi Vijayan in his September at his residence in Thiruvananthapuram. He had then called the visit a learning experience, stating, “I have been talking to Kerala CM about it (political entry), taking advice; will meet more politicians before I make my call. I have come to celebrate one year of his governance and this will be a learning experience for me. From here I will learn and go. I will go to many other places and learn.”

When asked about his political affiliation by reporters, the actor had then stated, “I have been in films for 40 years. I have many colours, but my colour is not saffron."

He, has, however, since gone on to say that he would not hesitate to join hands with the BJP or any other party if something good for the people comes out of it. In an interview to Times of India’s Arun Ram, the actor had said, “Nothing is an untouchable in politics”.

In a column for Vikatan last month, Kamal apologised to the people for supporting the Centre’s demonetisation policy. He also urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to accept his mistake, stating, “If the PM accepts his mistake without being adamant, then one more salaam is waiting for him from me. The sign of a good leader is when they can rectify their mistakes and more importantly when the can accept they made a mistake. Gandhi was able to do it, today also it is possible.”

Kamal had also met Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in September, and the two had spoken about fighting corruption and communalism.  

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