Mahatma Gandhi's "Muslim appeasement" policy is the reason for communal tension, they allege.

Hindu Makkal Katchi releases book on Godse in TN asks people who real Mahatma is
news Book Monday, October 03, 2016 - 20:04

Despite all the tension that surfaced in Coimbatore last month, Hindu Makkal Katchi has released a new book “Who is Mahatma” (Yaar Mahatma) on Sunday which is a translation of all court documents related to Nathuram Godse.

The Hindu Makkal Katchi blames Mahatma Gandhi’s so called Muslim appeasement policy for the problems between Muslims and Hindus in the country today.

Speaking to The News Minute, the translator of the book, Govindraj said, “We have translated Nathuram Godse’s court documents which includes Godse’s views on Gandhi’s appeasement policy and how it affected the Hindus during the partition. The entire country keeps saying Gandhi is Mahatma but we want the people to decide who is the real Mahatma after reading this book.”

Talking about Nathuram Godse, Govindraj said that Gandhi and Godse were equally patriotic. He claimed that other than the fact that Godse had murdered Gandhi, the former had not done anything wrong.

The book also has two additional pieces by Gandhian N Mahalingam and Justice Mohan. “They have made comparisons between Gandhi and Nathuram Godse,” Govindraj said.

Asked about the impact the book can have in Coimbatore where the situation is already tense, Govindraj claimed that they were not against Muslims but against the two Dravidian parties which have never taken action against “jihadists”. He alleged that the government wants Muslim votes and so they will not do anything against the people who are attacking the Hindus.  

Arjun Sampath, President of Hindu Makkal Katchi, feels that because of Gandhi’s “Muslim appeasement" policy, Hindus are still suffering. “Many deaths of Hindu leaders have been happening in Tamil Nadu. Because of Gandhi, our country is full of jihadists,” he claimed.

Talking about the book, he said that it is a translation of the court proceedings and that it does not have any opinions of the party. “Because of the book, there will be no tension in the state. And the people need to decide who is the real Mahatma after reading this book,” he said.

Arjun Sampath added that this book should be read by both Hindus and Muslims. “The Hindus need to know the struggle of independence and how it affected the Hindus. The Muslims need to know that the RSS was not involved in the murder of Gandhi,” he said.



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